Sunday 22 June 2014

Clevedon FWAC match, Sedges Tile Lake, 22-06-14

Today was a late change of venue for me as PSV's match at Horsehorse lake at Plantation was cancelled last night. A late booking in with Adie saw me added to 13 other for the match.

Arriving early enough at the venue saw me having a cuppa thanks to the lovely Denise. The lakes looked sock on, but a lot of fish were mooching on the surface with the little wind we had pushing down to the car park end, slightly into peg 40. So pegs 40, 39 and 37 were fancied along with the usual fliers of 21 and 31.

Once everyone was present I wrote out the peg tickets and the draw was made, we were paying top 3 plus a silvers pot.
I was last to draw and with 2 tickets left in the hat, I let Jonny Page take his choice of left or right hand, his choice gave him peg 32 (not 34 as sheet shows) and me on 36.

A lot of the guys hadn't fished the venue before, so I pointed them in the direction of the pegs and offered what little I know about the pegs when asked. Before making my way to my peg.

Sedges Tile Peg 36

I had Andy Hembrow to my left on p37 and Simon Ryall on p35 to my right, Adie Baker was opposite me on p24.
The 2 main fliers were taken by Kev Perry(p21) and Lewis Walker(p40).

I set up loads today, sort of, 2 pellet wags set at 12" and 3ft depths(unused), a method feeder(unused), a rig for silvers at 6m(unused bar 2 quick looks), a margin rig (one baby skimmer only on 1 look), a depth pellet rig for 14m(unused) and 2 shallow rigs for 14m.
I had 8mm and 6mm pellets, some meat and corn for the edges/silvers and some micros for the method.

Plenty of time to set up though and the temperature was heating up nicely, my feet were gonna hurt as I wore my sandals again.....oooppps.!!

On the all-in I started on the pellet wag and had 3 small carp in the net in the first 5 minutes while peeps were still potting in bait. All 3 fish were only 1-2lb in size, but a start none the less.
Simon soon had a couple on the method before that died for him, Andy too had a couple fish on the wag.

An hour in to the match and I had around 30lb in the net and was doing well, but all my fish at this point were all in the 2lb class....which was frustrating as Andy had a couple better fish.
Into the 2nd hour and it quietened down somewhat and I came onto the shallow pole line where I had been feeding pellets and had seen the odd fish swirl or slurp on the surface.
The next couple of hours was spent on this method, netting the odd fish including a couple 5lbers, which turned out to be my largest 2 of the day.....gggrrr

By the time we got to 3pm I reckoned on having 45lb in the net, miles behind Andy who was putting plenty in his nets on 6mm pellets shallow. Word came along that Lewis and Kev had bagged up too, plus I could see Chris Fox and Paul Nichols landing a few decent fish on pegs 29 and 28 respectively.,

The last hour or so saw me land a few more fish on the pellet wag and shallow pole, but again they all were of the 2lb stamp, a few better fish would have been nice. I thought I had perhaps 65lbs.
The all out sounded and I knew I hadn't done enough, I guessed Andy had done 100lb+ while Lewis said he had 2 carp nets in. But everyone was convinced Kev had won with 180lb+.

I ended up with 23 carp to weigh in and 3 baby skimmers which I chucked back.
I packed my kit away and made my way round to start the weighing in...On my way round, Lewis commented how he didn't feed initially and caught a good few fish just by mugging and slapping, as I had told him, but once he started to feed bites came more frequent.

Anyways, first to weigh was Kev Perry, who'd fished the pellet wag to the end bank (again...I shouldn't have told him to try He underestimated his nets but still put 157lb 12oz.
John W. put a good 77lb+ on the board from p22. Adie then put 17lb 10oz of silvers on the board.
As we made our way round the lake, we saw mark Bromsgrove have 15lb of skimmers. Chris Fox and Paul Nichols put 77lb+ and 68lb+  respectively on the scales.
Corner peg 31 gave Darren 'Nuddy' Vowles 45lb 12oz after a late flurry of fish.
We were soon at my peg and my nets totalled 69lb 2oz (I chucked my silvers prob had 70lb or so).

Andy Hembrow weighed next, he actually went over the 100lb limit, so this time we restricted that net to 100lb, but he also weighed a 12.5lb carp earlier, which I told him not to put in his keepnet, but he did (naughty), which would have meant his net would have been under the limit. He amassed 12lb of silvers, which boosted him to 118lb 8oz.
Nick Harvey didn't weigh in from p39, he had 7 carp but watched Lewis on peg 40 bag up for most of the day, Lewis's nets gave him a total of 82lb 13oz.

Results were:
1st Kev Perry, 157lb 12oz from p21
2nd Andy Hembrow, 118lb 8oz, p37
3rd Lewis Walker, 82lb 13oz, p40

Silvers, Adie Baker, 17lb 10oz, p24

So overall a nice match, really disappointing that I didn't connect with a few more 5lb+ fish, Kev Perry didn't have many 5lb+ fish either, but everyone else had a good few 5-10lber. Half a dozen of these may have scraped me 3rd, but none the less I enjoyed it.

Weigh Sheets...

Next up for me is a match down at Avalon with the PSV crew.

Until next time, take care.

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