Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pawlett Match. Avalon Fishery. 24/7/16

Last Sunday was my 1st match for a couple of weeks, down at Avalon, it has been a little while since I last visited there so up until Thursday or Friday I was keen and looking forward to it, but by Saturday all my enthusiasm had waned, the kids are off school and the wife had a rare weekend off and really I would have rather spent time with those, but I had committed so I fished as I wont go against my commitments unless I am at deaths door or an emergency....

So Sunday morning came and I wasn't remotely ready to leave with only 45 minutes until the draw, but I rushed my kit into the car and made my way across the Poldens. We had 30 fishing, another good turn out. Everyone was having a laugh and giggle, Jamie Cook had done his back in working at his fishery and looked rather uncomfortable, sadly (in a nice way) he was still able to fish a running line!!
A quick natter and a look up the lake saw high hopes as the weather had changed from a warm sunny Saturday (myself, the wife and 2 kids did a 30 mile bike ride on Saturday.....two of them burnt, 2 had arse ache and I was fine haha) to an overcast day with rain due later on, in fact later on happened 20 minutes later and continued on and off all day.... ho hum, but the fish were active with swirls and blowing galore.........I still wasn't too keen to be fair.

The draw was made, golden pegs, 38, 40 and 26...but 40 was the end peg. I waited, like normal, to do my draw when most pegs had gone, but with myself, Vic, Jamie and Mark Hembury left to pick our pegs (1, 40, 9 and 32 left). I plucked peg 9, a decent peg with silvers history, but I fancied the opposite bank to fair better as the wind was a south-westerly so was blowing up and across the lake.
Jamie drew 40 and given his very decent history at the lake he would be hard to beat.
Vic drew 32, a good area for silvers, Mark was in hit or miss peg 1.

An old winter pic of peg 9 at Avalon

I got to my peg, assembled a lead/feeder rod for off the corner of the island, a pellet waggler for a similar area. A margin pole rig to fish corn over 6mm pellets to my right and a silvers rig for 13m just off to the right in front, that rig would do for 6m where I had the same depth. For the silvers I had micros/corn long and caster/worm for 6m. I didn't mix any groundbait or open any meat....I am faffing too much it seems. I should go back to meat/groundbait really, haha.

For company I had Phil Hembury on my right and Mark Watts on the left. I could only see Jamie opposite me and Phil Clapp over on peg 36.
At the all in I potted a small amount of bait on each of the 3 pole lines, within 30 seconds both the swims in front looked like Jacuzzis....hmmm
I began on the pole but nothing happened just odd liner, so out with the waggler as the odd carp was swirling to the feed. But again I couldn't buy a bite. Jamie though had a great 40 minutes and was getting a carp every few minutes on the feeder by the end of the island.
A switch back to the pole at the end of the 1st hour saw me put 2 nice skimmers in the net from the longer line then a 3lb carp gave me a run around on the same rig. It then died so back out with the wag, this gave me a couple fish plus a couple re-rigs as the fish made it to the snags. I only lost 1 float all day though and only half a dozen hook lengths.
It was around half 12 that I was beginning to pack up as I was bored, but the rain got up and I couldn't be bothered to faff around in the rain either so I reluctantly continued.

Anyways into the 3rd hour and I put a couple more silvers in the net, and the idea of 30lb of skimmers had faded, but then the idea of competing on the carp had dwindled too as Jamie was on his 2nd keepnet. Plus all the guys to my right had been doing well. I did manage a couple myself in the 3rd hour moving me up to 5 carp, maybe 18lb.
The 2 guys to my left hadn't had much, Mark hadn't seen a carp all match. Chris Higgs also struggled but caught off the gap late in the day.

The last 3 hours for me was spent watching Jamie amass a decent tally, I had been clicking his catch on my clicker such was my boredom, by the end of the match I had clicked him to 132lb, haha.
Phil was on 6 carp next door, 5 of which came in a 30 minute or so spell after 4hrs.

My last 3hrs saw me put 1 carp in the net on the waggler and another 4 on the lead/feeder, I lost a couple and pulled out of a couple too. My clicker showed it had all match as I had forgot to use it!!

The match ended and I reckoned Jamie had won, plus banked £100 top up for a golden peg win, but Jason King up on peg 20 was rumoured to have caught all day also. Loads of silvers had been had from the pegs in the 30's.
I packed the gear up in the rain, loaded the car and watched the weigh in, well the anglers up to me.
Peg 1 had 60-odd pound, then Mark Sweeting had 80lb from peg 3. Brian Gatis had 22lb of silvers in his catch from peg 5. Mike Davis, whom I thought had done well, put 48lb on the scales, Phil had mid 30lb and then I mustered 4lb of silvers and my 10 carp weighed my clicker was correct, I must set it to 70lb and not use it next time.!!

I went back to the car and then on round to watch Paul Berry on peg 39 weigh in, he had done his usual trick and fished for silvers. The to 2 silvers were Vic and Eric Fouracre with 31lb and 33lb respectively. Paul managed 32lb, so that was close. Looking at the sheet saw Jason had 118lb from peg 20, but there was lots of dnw's from the far end of the lake.
Jamie weighed in, well Eric did the net duties as Jamie's bad back was probably hurting a little more hauling in 147lb of carp and 5lb+ to give him the win with 152lb, so well done that man.
As it turned out my 45lb wasn't too bad, never threatening but okay. Considering I fished like a Tw*t, I reckon 80lb+ would have been had on a normal day in a normal mindset.

1st. Peg 40. Jamie Cook, 152lb 4oz
2nd. Peg 20. Jason King, 118lb 12oz
3rd. Peg 3. Mark Sweeting, 80lb 10oz
4th. Peg 1. Mark Hembury, 65lb 12oz

1st, Vic Bush, 33lb 14oz, peg 32
2nd, Paul Berry, 32lb 4oz, peg 39
3rd, Eric Fouracre, 31lb 14oz, peg 30

Weigh Sheets

So not too bad a day really, loads I did wrong, full well knowing at the time I was doing them wrong, but my stubbornness and lack of enthusiasm defo cost me at least double what I caught I think.

No planned matches for me this weekend, so no idea when my next blog will be.

Until whenever, take care.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pawlett Club's Silvers-Winners' Final, Durleigh Reservoir. 10-07-16

So after the quiet day at Sedges on the Saturday in my series, I was expecting bites a-plenty on Durleigh Reservoir for Pawlett's Silvers Winners' Final.
A strong 16 person line up and the 8 peg additional match wasn't too bad either.

I got up to the 80 acre Ressie in plenty of time, with my minimal kit and loaded the trolley.
I had fished the venue on the previous Wednesday in an area about 50 or so yards from the canal overflow inlet. I had between 50 and 60lb on the whip in 4 hours, but the 2hrs I spent on the feeder were a let down, but that area isn't the best for skimmers/bream, so decided that should I draw in that area again (around 7 or 8 peg stretch) the feeder would be the second option behind the whip.

So I spent the hour before the draw speaking to and discussing the day ahead with various guys from the Clapp brothers to John Fuidge and Rich Coles.
I expected, given the windy and overcast conditions, the bream and skimmers to provide the better weights. The deep pegs, pegs 1 to 4, a couple pegs either side of the inlet and the last peg or two in the shallows should provide the top 4 or 5 spots. But if for some reason the day was hard for the bream then the whip could dominate. But warmer, sunnier and calmer water I find a better scenario for that. I surmised that 50lb should win the match and would need 40lb-ish to be in the top 3 and 30-odd to take one of the 2 section payouts. Bream or whip fish was the question....I guessed deep water bream, but hoped whip.

None the less, although I wanted to win (who doesn't) I really wanted a day on the whip catching mostly silver bream (they weigh around 2oz per fish heavier than the roach as a rule).
I was 2nd last to draw and was on peg 16,the end peg in the Winners' match, but the small-side-match continued from peg 17, so no advantage there then... Oh there are no perma-pegs on the venue, but 16 was between the lawns and inlet (halfway down the lodge bank). I was ok with that to be honest, although the pegs 15 to 18 were in a slight bay that is only 2ft or so deep.

I made my way to the peg to find I had Dick Richards and Rob Dodd to my right, Jason King and Nigel Hopkins being on my left and they were the 1st two guys in the small match.

My peg for the match....Durleigh Res. Lodge Bank.
It took my 10 minutes to set up, 2 whips, a 3m one for up in the water and a 3.5m whip for at depth, well on the bottom in around 2ft of water. Bait was simple hemp and casters.
I sat around bored, before John Fuidge and Nige Hopkins came over for a natter, I believe neither had fished the venue before but told them what I expected.
As I was bored I did set up a feeder for 45 turns and mixed up some groundbait, opened my worms and corn and muddled up my side tray a bit more, something I said to myself I wouldn't do after Wednesday's visit.....oh well..!!

The match got underway at 10:30 and I fed my feeder line with a big feeder, around 20 feeders full went out in double quick time.
I started on the whip, but after 10 minutes I hadn't had a bite, then out of the blue I hooked a big rudd of fell off!!

So soon after I went on the feeder and that remained quiet, but I could watch Jason and Rob to see if they were getting whip fish. Jason had a couple but it wasn't quick bites and he had to wait. Rob was getting a few more, but it wasn't hectic enough to get the 50lb I thought should win.
I stayed on the feeder, which Vic Bush who was 3 pegs above me commented didn't look like a whip, for a short period and I suppose I put a pound or so in the net off that method in the first hour.
Rob had maybe 3lb and the 2 guys to my left had similar to me.
John Fuidge who was this side of the inlet had bagged a few big skimmers on the feeder, but he wasn't in my match.

The whip sport was picking up for Rob Dodd and he was getting a fish most put-ins, silver bream not roach, now when I have the fish in front of me on the whip I think I can do quite well once in a rhythm. But I wasn't getting fish as quick as I would have liked on the whip, and when I did most were small roach, so in effect Rob was doubling my weigh with each fish ad his were around the 3 or 4oz mark. Both of us, Jason and Nigel were getting better fish occasionally, but they were not really targeted as such more luck. I did find it interesting that the 2 on my left were on short poles and laccy, I was on a flick tip and Rob was fishing with elastic but set tighter than the other 2. I guess we were catching at similar rates most of the day.

The rest of the match was spent 80% fishing the whip and 20% on the feeder when the pike rattled my whip fish, I did hook a couple pike and had a few swirls from these.
But I knew that the whip was unlikely to finish in the top 3, especially from where I was pegged and the fact I heard that the lawn pegs had caught skimmers and if they had then surely the first 4 pegs would defo have had some.
My best fish on the feeder was a 12oz skimmer at around 1pm and I had a few 8oz roach and rudd on the whip, but also bumped a couple which can be expected fishing a flick tip and barbless hooks.

The all out was called and I supposed I had 12 to 15lb of fish, I had around 80 or 90 fish in total but felt as they were roach I needed about nearer 200 to at least be competitive. Rob had a few more, not masses more when I went and looked at his net but as I said, he had silver bream that were all at least 2oz per fish bigger than mine, I reckoned he had low 30lbs or maybe a bit more.
We had heard that the early pegs had done ok with 40lb estimates given by Jamie Cook, he isn't usually far out.
Ziggy and John Fuidge had a good dozen big skimmers each in the small match and looked nailed on to be the top 2 in that match.

On to the weigh in, as the scales got to me, I was sure that Jason and Nigel had more than me, though they were not in my match, but I knew I had more that Dick on my right, he struggled on the feeder and tipped back. Rob and everyone to my right all looked and admitted to 30lb nets.
A look at the sheet saw Ziggy (24lb) and John (30lb) the top 2 in that match. Nigel and Jason had 15lb and ounces with Nigel 4oz ahead of Jason.

I was the 1st to tip on to the scales in the winners match and I had 20lb 12oz. That was a touch more than I expected, maybe I could have had 25 to 27lb had I not wasted time on the feeder, that wouldn't be enough but felt a fluked handful of proper 4lb+ bream were needed to have a remote chance of pick up, especially as I was getting small roach.
Rob had 31lb then Vic had a touch less including a massive perch.
I didn't watch anything else, preferring to get the car loaded and wait to say well done to the winners.

As expected the first 4 pegs did produce and the far end peg and the one before the inlet.
Congrats to Keith on the win and well done to all.

Results, all mostly feeder caught skimmers/bream.
1st, Keith Clapp, 50lb. Peg 2.
2nd, Bruce Hunt, 41lb 10oz. Peg 3
3rd, Jamie Cook, 38lb 2oz. Peg 9.
4th, Phil Clapp, 37lb 15oz. Peg 1.

Weigh Sheet.....Nice average weights there and not a carp in sight!!

So not my best result, the whip fish obviously had switched with the pressure and weather change and took an hour to come into range for the whip, maybe a waggler could have worked, maybe not.
When they did arrive it was like they wouldn't settle properly and there was a few blank spells during the match. But it was a fair match and the average weight must have been close to 30lb across the winner's match, decent fishing by any standard, especially with no carp.

Not sure if I am fishing or indeed where I will fish next weekend, but I have some casters and worms to drown so a few hours on the KSD or somewhere may cross my path after work tomorrow or Saturday.

Until next time, tight lines.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Saturday Combi Series, Sedges Brick Lake. 10-07-16

The 3rd round of my Saturday Combi Series, Sedges Brick Lake was the venue in question for the 18 of us who were to attempt to extract some of the jewels that lay within a.k.a. Fish.

Anyways, with the wind pushing up towards the far end, pegs 10 and 11 being favoured, but 8, 9, 12 and 13 would be very nice draws, the near end could be hit or miss. It all looked very fishy with the wind being a new southern direction. I mentioned, in jest,  I would ban Dave Chidzoy from fishing ever again should he draw peg 10......he drew peg 10 (3 matches at the venue, peg 10 twice, peg 40 once....3 wins now).

I took the monies, informed the rules and the draw was made, I was left with 2 balls in the basket, one for me, one for Gareth Lennox (stand-in for the day). they were peg 1 or my preferred peg, peg 14.....yep, as is my luck in the last month or so, peg 1 was mine for the day, a definite feast or famine peg, but there are always fish in the area, but don't always want to get a munch on in that area.
I had flat calm water, so skimmers wouldn't be a big part of any catch I should make, but I did hold a little hope for a few carp, I expected peg 10 to win comfortably but 11 should be good and 7, 8 and 9, 12 and 13 to be the best silvers pegs (and should throw up some carp).

I had Mark Bromsgrove on peg 3, but couldn't see him, Paul Nichols over on 20 was opposite.
A pellet wag, a lead, a couple of edge rigs and a silvers rig for 11m were assembled.
That was the most exciting part of my match, as for the next 6 hours I managed a measley 1lb of silvers and a couple of carp, I had a 14lber, mugged by my keepnet, that broke a partially 'ill' number 4 section, one of the carp came on the silvers rig and was foul hooked....

I wont bore you all with anything else of my match, but of the 18 of us, 14 of us were in the same had generally switched off, in fact quite a few places have done similar, probably to do with oxygen levels, post spawning and maybe the busy fishing months.

Anyways the match ended, and all that I could see, pegs 11 down to 20 had not done great, well 11 to 13 looked like they had some silvers.
And when I went for a walk at 4pn the pegs on my bank were hard going up to peg 7, then the fish were found.

The weigh in was done with the help of Paul Berry, he was greatful of a low weight day, his poor back was aching though!!
But the winner on the day was Dave 'drawbag' Chidzoy with 154lb from peg 10.
The top silvers went to Steve Nadin with 25lb from peg 9.
If you could draw a line from peg 7 across to peg 13, the weights were somewhat lower than the top end's 6 or so pegs.

Weigh Sheet (highlighted = envelope collectors)

View up the lake from peg 1....
The top 5 weights were from 12, 11, 8, 9 and 10.

Standings after 3 rounds:
Overall top 5:
Alex Nadin 6pts
Brian Slipper 7pts (25 combi)
Vic Bush 7pts (21 combi)...
Steve Nadin 8pts

Top 5 carp:
Lewis Jones 15pts (143-00)
Paul Nichols 15pts (115-00)
Nick Harvey 14pts (57-04)
Brian Slipper 12pts (95-14)
Dave Chidzoy 11pts (218-12)

Top 5 silvers:
Vic Bush 16pts (54-09)
Alex Nadin 16pts (32-04)
Mark Saunders 15pts
Mark Bromsgrove 14pts
Steve Nadin 13pts (best weight of 3 anglers)

So plenty of scope for moving up or down the standings with Avalon and Cary lakes to follow.

Next match for me was Durleigh and the Pawlett Silvers' Winners final.

Until next time, have fun.

Monday, 4 July 2016

PSV Match. Viaduct Campbell, 05-07-16

First PSV match for a while for me today. 18 or 19 of us fishing, hoping for an abundance of action from the lake's population of carp, bream and tench. After seeing the results yesterday, the 250lb+ winning weight was reduced by around 100lb, I reckoned 140 or 150lb would be there or there-abouts.

I got there early, loaded my trolley and had a bit of chatter with a few guys before we got down to the draw, I fancied 112 up to 119, the spit pegs or at a push peg 123. With the aerator on 24/7, the fish are not always comfy in the vicinity of the thing.
Everyone drew except myself and match secretary Will Dearlove, the sheet showed my nemesis peg, peg 130, still having no name next to it, or 110 and 111. So I got or guest for the day, expert angler, the one who won the Saturday open, Scott Russell, to confirm the last 2 pegs.
They were 110 and 111. So me and Will were happy enough, especially Will who had 111, the winning peg from Saturday. I had peg 110.

Campbell peg 110 (didn't go left, so no pic taken)

Plenty of time to sort tackle and bait out for the day, bait was simple. 8mm and 6mm pellets, 8mm meat and some various pellets for in the band. I did chop up some worms for silvers, but only for Will's benefit when I told him I was deliberating fishing for non-carp species!! A lead rod for various spot around the peg, an edge rig for 2+1 both sides, this gave me 1 carp off the stump to my left. and a meat rig for 10 o'clock direction and in front at 7m or so, this rig would actually do for anywhere in the peg as it was the same depth within an inch. Lastly a shallow/slapping rig was put together, but went hardly fished and fishless all day. I didn't want to fish 16m down to the brambles and risk breaking or losing tackle, so that section stayed in the holdall to starve off temptation.

The 10am all in was called and I began on the short meat line, but nothing really happened, only 2 very small carp and a skimmer in the 1st hour. Meanwhile Ade Crawley had drawn yet another flyer and was picking a few lumpy carp down to his left. The second hour saw me add a few bits on the short meat lines and a solitary 2lb carp on the meat line in the 10 o'clock direction.

A short burst of 3 fish on the lead in the third hour gave me false hope, especially as they all were only 2 to 4lb fish, none of the 6 or 7lb+ average fish. Will on peg 111 was doing similarly to me, he also had a 4 fish burst on the lead at the same time as me. Meanwhile over on the pegs below the spit, Scotty Russell on p132 was getting a few smaller carp from various spots of his peg and Alan Healey on peg 130 was getting a better stamp on the lead cast in the vicinity of the aerator, the pegs above the spit were struggling on that side.

Into the 4th hour and things picked up a little for me as I was tempting the odd carp and flying skimmer from my meat lines, not hectic but a few fish, maybe 5 in the hour, but again all around the 2 to 4lb mark. Will had started to slow down, but the fish he did land were a darn sight larger than mine. My clicker showed that I had around 40lb total, this was in the region of 13 carp at the end of that hour.
The 5th hour actually went quite well in the main, I was getting a fish, or at least a bite, on the meat pretty much each drop, although I was landing a few it seemed foul hookers were defo a problem, they would come to the feed and not really settle on it, but news came down that all the pegs above Ade on 112 had been catching quite well all day and a last chance come back was not really on the cards.

The last hour came and went, I was thinking it would be quite a good hour with the 5th hour being decent. It never happened as it slowed down for me, Will and Ade on peg 112. I could see a few fish down by the brambles to my left, I couldn't cast my lead there due to the trees and I really didn't fancy shipping out 16m to get close to them. So I stuck with the meat and only put a couple in the net and my second clicker showed 48lb. So maybe I ended with 80lb and perhaps 10lb of silvers.

The all out was called and I packed up pretty sharpish, loaded the car and waited for the scales. I spoke to Will, whom I was certain had plenty more than me as his fish later in the day were of at least average sized fish or bigger, we were certain Ade had near 200lb as it seems he had been catching Cary sized fish all day and he even afforded to tip back a good double figures of silver away to cater for his carp. Turns out it seems that he plays his fish for around 20 minutes each and was miles off 200lb.

Opposite me was Scott and Alan who both looked like heading for a similar weight to each other, though it turned out that Alan chucked back a nice skimmer on lost out on the section to Scott because of this....gert wally!! Anyways I was last to weigh and looked at the sheets to see that 119 back to 112 had done well with Ryan Radford winning the match at Chris Szcakas in 2nd spot, Ade snuck in to 3rd as he 'only' had 114lb or so. Will had 60-something pound which was well short of my guess but closer to his, so well done him. My silvers were 9lb 14oz and my 2 nets went 40lb and 50lb plus ounces. Ending with 100lb 12oz, slightly over my 80lb of carp that my clickers showed, but closer than is my norm. I ended up 8th with this.

1, Ryan Radford (118) 144-5 (mostly shallow)
2, Chris Szakacs (116) 142-2 (mostly edge fish)
3, Ade Crawley (112) 114-12 (mostly edge fish)
4, Mark Radford (115) 111-3
5, Scott Russell (132) 106-4
6, Alan Healey (130) 105-9
7, Steve Burgess (119) 103-2
8, Lee Williams (110) 100-12
9, Adam Caswell (125) 88-10
10, Steve Sewell (128) 88-2
11, Pete Uzzell (114) 86-6
12, Will Dearlove (111) 65-6
13, Ross Sewell (126) 63-11
14, Matt Powell (129) 55-0
15, Paul Preston (124) 46-0
16, Matt Williams (123) 45-8
17, Lee Waller (127) 39-14

1. Matt Williams (123) 20-7
2. Lee Waller (127) 15-8
3. Chris Szakacs (116) 13-13

So an average day really with the lake fishing hard, well hard for the lake, but this made for a close match throughout. Maybe I should have fish long down to my left and the bramble, but risking a broken pole or at least a day of tug-o-war isn't my idea of fun, I am sure I would have had a good few more fish but I quite enjoyed doing what I was doing and probably pulled out of or foul hooked enough carp to get in the top 3, but it seems most of us struggled on that front.

So as I have this week off, I think I may well go fishing, well fishing a couple times.
Tuesday I may venture to Acorn for the 1st time in around a year.
Wednesday I should go to Durleigh as I am up there on Sunday for the Pawlett Club's Silvers final (feeder? whip? feeder? whip? hmmmm), then on Thursday I am unsure of where to take myself although Viaduct has an open on Lodge and Match Lake.
Friday I shall rest and on Saturday I have my 3rd round of my Series on Sedges Brick lake.

Until then, have fun!! Lee