Monday, 25 May 2015

PSV Match, Staunton Court, 24-05-15

First up, I actually had a pleasure fishing session today, call it match practice or whatever, but I went over to Trinity Wildmarsh to see if I could catch a few silvers. This lake can be frustrating at times when fishing for non-carp species.
It was apparently fishing tricky and the lake looked rather quiet when I arrived.
I popped myself onto peg 27, on the spit, and decided to fish from 10:45 to 16:45.
As it turned out, it was frustrating, bites were coming in spurts, mostly skimmers and roach, but the odd 'bream', eel, rudd and perch kept me interested. I also lost a handful of fish, probably foul hooked bream, but 1 was either a big eel or tench.
I finished up with 58lb in total (I had scales with me) for possibly my best net of fish from the lake.

Around half of my catch.
Anyways back to Sunday's match, which was a PSV run event, up at Staunton Court.
I had never seen the venue in the flesh and finding out anything other than 150lb+ nets in the summer are common-ish, but there is also a nice head of silvers from roach, to skimmers, tench and eels.
The weather was due to be warm in the afternoon but a little breezy and a chance of rain prior to lunch, and this is how it turned out.

I made the 80 minute drive up the M5 and through Gloucester and found the lake easily enough, I was greeted by the other 13 anglers fishing, all seemed to be in fine fettle, especially the piss taking of Chris 'feeder' Gay and Adam the day wore on it was star angler Alan Healey whom was the centre of much mickey taking.
When it comes to catching a carp it was said by many that you cant blank at Staunton (apparently), but Mr Healey did his best but came up short of not catching a carp by netting one with maybe an hour of the match left!!

The venue is set at the back of an industrial complex with units/warehouse things, flanking 1 side and the other 3 sides are rather nice and generally 'green'. I liked the look of the far end pegs where the wind was blowing.
Into the draw and I plucked my ball around half way through the rabble, peg 12 was my location for the next 7 or 8 hours. It was also the noted 'bin peg', some said it was good, others less appreciative of it. Either way the swim was the only one on the lake with spawning carp in frisky non-feeding carp, loose vegetation and a venue I don't know didn't bode well for my hope in a change of recent fortunes.

My view in front.....Staunton Court's 'bin peg'.

Left hand margin, Staunton Court's 'bin peg'.......better than the front view.
As I didn't have a clue on the lake I had found out that the average carp is between 6lb and 10lb, depths go over 8ft and most peeps fish shallow long and on the deck short.
3 rigs for carp were assembled, a shallow/mugging rig, a margin rig for topkit down to my left and at various distance further along.
The last rig for catching carp was for 14.5 down into the slight bay at the bottom of a ledge - this rig would also do for 2+2 at the 10 o'clock angle, both spots never gave a bite!!
The final rig was a deep shallow rig for silvers at topkit length at the 2 o'clock angle.
Bait was simple caster, 8mm pellet, 6mm pellet and 8mm meat.

For company I had silvers specialist Si Belcham on my right (p11) and Chris Gay on peg 13, he had to his left Steve Burgess in a rather fishy looking peg. Mr Gay also wanted a quid side-bet, so perhaps I would have to give out 2 quid today instead of the now regular £1 to Steve.

At the all in I began feeding 6mm pellets at 13.5m in front, some meat and caster went on the deeper rigs and I began by fishing against the reeds down my left edge and toss-potting meat over the top.
20 minutes in and I'd already foul hooked several carp and removed a few snags.
Luckily by the end of the 1st hour I had landed a couple 6lb fish, both took the bait on the drop down the edge. Some of the others had also landed a couple, Steve Burgess and Will Dearlove being two.
The silvers were plentiful, but rather smaller than expected.
At this point I fed a good helping of bait down the edge and spent 20 minutes catching silvers on that rig, I had some skimmers and roach up to 4oz, but Simon on peg 11 was now targeting these, so I left him to it and went out shallow.
15 mins of shallow fishing gave me bum all so I continued along my left edge. A few more carp came over the next hour or so, meat being the best bait.

The halfway stage of the match came and went and it seemed I was doing ok with 5 carp. But generally it was not fishing great.
Soon after this point I 'mugged' two fish on meat, so I wasted 30 minutes trying to 'mug' a few more in white water where it was obvious I wouldn't see any fish......but still my few happened to be a grand total of Zero...Nil...None.

I began to feed my topkit line to my left and soon enough fish were venturing in, but never seemed to settle and only 1 fish was had from this spot in the remainder of the match.
It was also at this point that up on peg 7 that Keith Ray began getting a bite a chuck from his right hand margin as was flying. Steve Burgess began a run of fish shallow (based on Adam Caswell on peg 8 or 9 catching a few that way) and had gone ahead of me in the fish numbers game.

We were soon into the last 90 minutes and I decided to try and pick odd fish off the shallow line in front and maybe a few would make an appearance down my left margins.
This ploy seemed to work as I put a few more fish in the net, I foul hooked a couple from down the edge but everyone was convinced Keith had won and it was between me and Steve for the bridesmaid spot..
Chris Gay had the silvers wrapped up hour before and his nearest rival was Simon, but by now he'd started amassing a few carp on his topkit fished corn.

The last 5 minutes arrived and Steve was on 14 carp, Simon 6 or 8, Keith had won, everyone else ahd maybe between 5 and 7, except Kev Jefferies (3 carp) and Alan Healey (1 carp). I was up to 13 carp and my 20 minutes worth of silvers.
Suddenly I had a bite down my margin and I was attached to a fish, Will called the all-out and I continued to play this fish, which felt bigger than the others I had caught all day.
10 minutes after the finish I landed the fish, a big ghostie of around 12 or 14lb, though it was empty after spawning (would have been maybe 17lb prior to it's reproductive activities).

I packed my gear away a rather happy chappy but was still convinced Steve had pipped my total.
I caught up with the scales as Keith was just about to weigh in, not much had been recorded thus far with several DNW's. Little Adam offered to help Keith and lift his nets in, which he accepted, but in typical Adam style a few fish missed the weigh sling but thankfully (for keith and adam) none ended up back in the pond!!
His 3 weighs went 42lb, 36lb 10oz and 32lb, which Adam deducted to 110lb 10oz within 2 seconds much to the astonishment of everyone Ads isn't the brightest but that was a touch of genius. Brilliant.
A couple other nets followed before Si put 61lb or so on the board before it was my turn, my silvers went 6lb which was nice for 20 minutes catching, then the pleasant surprise of 94lb of carp. More than expected obviously. My total was 100lb 4oz.
Next up Chris put 28lb of silvers on the scales and 26lb of carp. Steve Burgess put his 14 carp on the scales, but it turned out his were smaller than mine and his final weight was 78lb.
Last to weigh in was Will, he had 40lb 6oz.

So 2nd spot went to me, 10lb behind Keith. This was a nice result given my recent inabilities in both drawing and fishing......if there was less spawning activity and the associated rubbish in my peg then i may have had a few more.

1. Keith Ray (8) 110-10
2. Lee Williams (12) 100-4
3. Steve Burgess (14) 78-0 (section)
4. Simon Belcham (11) 61-8
5. Darren North (4) 56-6 (section)
6. Chris Gay (13) 54-4
7. Lee Waller (6) 54-0
8. Adam Caswell (9) 50-0
9. Will Dearlove (3) 41-6
10. Pete Uzzell (10) 31-10

1. Chris Gay 28-0
2. Simon Belcham 15-0
Weigh sheet

Next up is next Sunday at Avalon with the PSV guys, then the week after is Pawlett's all-winners final on Landsend Speci and John's Lakes.
Until then take care.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

PSV Match, Sedges Fishery, Brick and Tile lakes. 17-05-15

Sunday's gambit was a PSV v Carpenters affair at the excellent Sedges Fishery, with both lakes books and 31 in attendance it would be a good match. 17 from PSV and 14 from Carpenters.

I arrived with loads of time before the 9am draw, which was being done by Will. I said a few hellos and chatted to a few guys before I grabbed a cuppa from Denise and Jamie gave me a run down of the last 2 evening matches held. He wasn't fishing today with the Pawlett anglers at Landsend as his daughter got married on Saturday, so congrats to the happy couple.

Back to the draw, now anyone who reads this blog or knows me will know that I prefer Brick lake to Tile. It was no surprise that I did say I fancied Brick lake, pegs 10, 11, 3 or 20 would be my choices, but to be fair I'd be happy with any of the 20.
Tile lake's pegs of choice would be 21, 40, 39, 25, 26 and 32 or 33. I didn't fancy 28, 30 or 38 really, with 30 being my last choice of all 40 pegs, especially with the wind pushing down to the car park end (pegs 21 and 40 would be brill).
I plucked my ball towards the end of the queue and found myself in a corner peg.........the wrong corner peg, peg 30..!!
Steve Burgess was jammy enough to get peg 10........a true flyer.

None the less I got my kit to the flat calm peg and could see plenty of carp sunbathing away from the wind, but thought that these would do the off after a while.
As I set my kit up they duly vanished from sight, by the 10:30 all-in was shouted they'd all but gone.

Sedges Tile, peg 30.
I set up a pellet wag rod for fishing towards the tree on the end bank.
3 rigs for the pole were assembled, a slapping/stalking rig, a meat rig for 5m in front over caster and a rig for meat over pellet against the end bank at 13 and 14.5m, this rig would also do for topkit distance tight in against my margins where the groundbait would be fed.
Bait was 6mm pellets, 8mm pellets, groundbait and 8mm meat. I also had some caster and maggot plus a pint of micro.

At the all in I spent 10 minutes trying to mug a few fish but this was unproductive as was the shallow pole fishing, the lack of ripple in my peg was definitely a negative.
I switched to the waggler and hooked 3 fish in the following half an hour landing a 8lb fish and one a touch bigger at about 12lb, the 3rd fish I lost after 5 minutes of playing it, it was a decent common that looked over 15lb, it looked hooked in the shoulder. I wasn't too down hearted as it seemed productive.

2 hours later I hadn't had another carp, only adding a skimmer of 1.5lb to my net, this came from the pole by the end bank.
Elsewhere it was said that Mr Burgess was doing well on peg 10, but so was peg 8. On Tile lake I could see that Mark Radford and Rich Jones were having one or 2 shallow on the pole (they were halfway up the other bank). In fact other than peg 31 opposite me it seemed that I was well behind.

At this point I hooked a mad tench of about 3lb and also had 2 roach, all on meat by the end bank. But minnow sized roach/rudd were a pain on meat and they weren't big enough to warrant catching.
I decided that perhaps the semi-spawning silvers would feed so I made up my 2 trustly Sedges silvers rigs and baited 2 new spots, one with a few casters and a little groundbait, the other with micros and a few 6mm pellets. I had the grand total of zero bites, even on single maggot!!

The next couple hours saw me fishless from both silvers and carp, the fish definitely had followed the wind, this was easy to see as all the pegs to my right an across from me (barring p31) were catching well enough on and off during the day.

The last hour came and went with me actually landing 2 carp on the waggler, only small 2 to 3lb fish. I finished with maybe 26lb of carp and 5lb of silvers.

I packed away sharpish and went and watched the weigh in on my lake, I also loaded to trolley with the nets as I did, saved Jamie doing it later on after we had gone.
Peg 21 and 22 or 23 had 63 and 69lb, then there was a 29lb net, a couple 40's I think and a 55lb. I managed just over 35lb I think, I cant remember, but I wasn't last in my section and around mid-way on the lake. The causeway bank had better weights as a rule, or at least it seemed that way.
My 5lb-odd of silvers was winning the lake silvers until Mark Radford plopped 10lb on the scales, thus meaning he'd take that envelope.
Brick lake fished better, but somehow peg 3 and peg 11 dnw'd with p11 blanking...!!
Steve Burgess was pipped by Matt Taynton for the win on the day!! But pegs 7, 8, 9 and 10 were obviously fish-filled as they took 4 of the top 6 weights.

1. Matt Taynton (8) 135-2
2. Steve Burgess (10) 115-14
3. Chris Woolley (9) 91-4..
4. Lionel Legge (20) 79-0
5. P Foxhall (13) 71-15
6. M Bush (7) 70-6
7. Keith Ray (22) 69-13
8. Phil Groves (1) 68-2
9. Paul Swain (21) 63-2
10. Mark Radford (36) 62-6
11. Ryan Radford (24) 58-11
12. Chris Szakacs (27) 55-4
13. Lee Waller (40) 50-4

1. Colin Butler (5) 22-7
2. Colin Ferris (4) 13-6
3. Mark Radford (36) 10-0

The inter-club result was decided by the overall top 10 weights from each club
1. Psv 656lbs 2oz
2. Carpenters 582lbs 2oz

So a frustrating day, I think that if I had a ripple for most of the match I may have had a few more fish, or at least the skimmers may have appeared if not the carp.

Not sure where I am this coming bank holiday weekend, Sunday I have no plans but I may be sorting a small knock up on Monday if anyone is interested, but obviously it has to be where keepnets are allowed or supplied (sedges, trinity or bullocks...?) if not then I may well head to Acorn on Monday.

Until then, Tight Lines.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

MFS 2-Day event. Viaduct Fishery. Campbell and Cary Lakes. 15th and 16th May.

A quick overview of my 2 days at this awesome fishery.
It was a 2 day affair with 34 participants, 17 on each lake the alternating the lake so you get a go on each.
With there being many venue regulars/experts in the form of Roy Worth, Ben Hagg, Dan White, Mark Poppleton, Scott Russell, Fred Roberts, Steve Tucker and many many more, a very good draw both days would be needed to entertain any chances of a 'pick-up'.

Day One.
Most people wanted to be on Campbell on Friday as the wind was generally gonna be little to light, Saturday's was due to be somewhat windier, thus suiting Cary's beasts better.
Needless to say I plucked peg 99 on the diagonal bank of Cary, it'd only weighed a single small carp and a skimmer or 2 on Thursday's match. (it also dnw'd on day two I believe).
For company I had Alex Nadin on peg 98, Dan White on 97 and Callum Craig on the other side of the tree on peg 100.
I set up a topkit for silvers, a shallow stalking/slapping rig (no fish caught on this), a rig for full depth at 14.5m using pellet (no fish caught), a lead rod (no fish caught) and lastly a short meat rig for 6m in front.
Cary p99 - front view

Cary p99 - left hand edge
To cut a short story shorter I had 2lb 12oz of bits on the topkit and 2 carp for 27lb or so in the last half hour to come last in section, possibly across both lakes on the day.
My section struggled (relatively speaking) with Jon Martin winning the section from p102.
Ben Hagg won Campbell lake from p135 with 215lb-ish, a peg he reckoned prior to the event shouldn't be in. He caught mostly in the 2nd half of the match down his left edge.
Elsewhere Mark Poppleton had 200lb or so from peg 81 on Cary and Chris Fox 178lb-ish (I think) from peg 123.

Day 2.
The draw saw Ben Hagg pluck another bang on draw, p85, he was expected to do well, but Mark Poppleton had 118 on Campbell, Chris Fox was on 86 and Jon Martin on the peg I fancied peg 121.
The top end of Cary and Campbell was expected to be the favoured areas as we had a decent wind blowing up there and overnight on Friday, the fish do follow the wind.
Back to me, I didn't draw a great peg in 111, but at least I should catch a few fish.
To my right I had Steve Tucker and he had Dan White next to him.

Campbell p111 - front view

Campbell p111 - right edge towards p112
In short it was a tricky day with the wind being a bit of a pain in getting good presentation, plus the bulk of fish had moved up towards 114 and beyond.
I managed a few fish on the lead, a couple on the topkit down to my right and a handful on a short meat line. I didn't finish last on the lake or in my section, but my 95lb was the result of lots of effort with less reward. Plus I had lots of baby carp compared to others 6lb to 12lb fish.....those little commons seem to be my nemesis at the minute.

Elsewhere Ash Tompkins on peg 131 had a brilliant run of fish in the 2nd half of the match to weigh 160lb. The lad on 110 had a torrid time with the brambles down his left edge but still managed 130lb or more. Tucks had 120lb+ and he too had an issue with elastics and section. But a late run of lumps boosted his  net.
Dan White fished his usual decent tidy match to end nr 200lb I think. Mark Pops had 220lb from 118. Jon Martin won the lake and day with 240lb+ from peg 121, mostly on pellet.
On Cary it was Ben Hagg who won from p85, 215lb I think he weighed, mostly on meat over pellet down his margin. Chris Fox did well from p86 as Cary fished generally better.

Results overall (on weigh with 2pt each)
1st, Ben Hagg
2nd, Mark Poppleton
3rd, Jon Martin
4th, Chris Fox.
Top silvers aggregate was Stuart White 63lb 8oz

Top single weight went to Jon Martin 238lb 9oz p121 Campbell
Top single silvers weight was Scott Russell 37lb 12oz p129

So despite a couple of poor draws cost me, but very well done to the top guys who drew well and fished just as well. Well Done.

Next up will be my blog from the PSV v Carpenters match on Sedges Tile and Brick lakes.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

PSV Match, Landsend Match lake, 10-05-15

A short blog I hope.....
I arrived in plenty of time for the draw, the car park was busy as there was another match on the lakes today, but the PSV guys were on the 'leaky' match lake, the water was around 10 inches down, I think due to a leak somewhere.
I paid my monies, loaded my trolley and waited for the draw, Alan Healey was running the show today and he called golden peg as 15 (very nice, has a chance) and mentioned the rules like no method feeders and 12" hooklength on the 'tip rods should they be used.

For a change I plucked my peg around halfway down the queue of 18. My peg for the day wasn't one I fancied. I liked 12 or 13, maybe 24. But I pulled peg 18, down the left hand bank on the left side of the gap. Not the best peg but a couple options to go at.
For company I had on peg 17, Steve O'Toole, I seem to get drawn next to him down at Landsend quite regularly. On peg 19 was Lee Waller, whom wasn't going to be targeting silvers this week.
I could see Darren North and Adam Caswell on the pegs opposite. Oh and Alan Healey was on flyer, golden peg, peg 15.

Peg 18, Landsend Match lake.
My bait tray was simple hemp, meat, 6mm and 8mm pellets,
Rigs were a long stalking/slapping rig, a rig with a band for fishing at full depth and an identical rig with a standard hook for meat, Lastly I set up a shallow rig for tight across to some mud. This rig would do for tight against the bank down my right margin.

It all seemed a bit of a waste really as the day went on. The 10am all-in was called and it started slow for me, Steve and Lee. In fact after we all had brief moments with foul hooked fish, it was 1hr and 45mins before we all had a carp each.
It was bizarre really as the 3 of us all hooked and landed fish within seconds of each other.
Elsewhere it seemed the rest of this bank was catching a few. Adam Caswell had landed a couple but Darren North had a couple of perch and maybe a roach.

Another 90 minutes passed and the same scenario happened again with the 3 of us on pegs 17, 18 and 19 all hooking and landing fish within moments of each other!! My now regular scenario of me having smaller fish was obviously apparent as both Steve's and Lee's were somewhat larger than my 4lbers.
Further to my left Derek (peg 13), Alan (p15) and Chris Gay (p16) were all catching regularly, Chris in the 'tip. Word came down that Lionel Legge on peg 12 was getting a few and Matt Challenger on peg 1 was as well.

So by now, with an hour left, I had 2 carp, a crucian and an F1. I had changed a few rigs and tried various lines. The only one I could get a fish from was across by the island.
My short meat line, my margins and my pellet rig by the bush all failed to produce anything other than a few line bites and a couple missed bites.

This is what the right hand margin of p18 looks like.

So the last hour saw me put another 6 carp, only babies, into my net. Lee Waller put in 4 lumpier carp, Steve also had 4 decent carp in the same period.
The all out was called and I guess I had around 26 to 30lb plus a couple of pounds of silvers.

I packed my kit away and pondered how I'd done, I reckoned it'd be close between us 3. Derek, Alan and Chris Gay would be up there as they'd done well.
I took my kit to the car and caught up with the scales, the board showed 78lb+ from peg 1, Darren North DNW'd, Adam Caswell had 39lb 6oz and Ryan Radford 38lb 4oz.
Si Belcham had 11lb of silvers before Lionel Legge's 82lb 12oz put him top.
Around the corner to Derek and he had the usual squeaker carp in his net of 42lb 6oz. Less than most thought.
Alan plopped 68lb exactly on the scales, Chris Gay's 94lb 4oz came next. Steve O'Toole's better stamp of carp gave him 43lb 8oz.
I weighed 38lb 14oz and Lee Waller put 34lb 5oz. We were both towards the bottom half of the final tally up.

I left the scales here and went to load the car etc. But there were a few 40 to 60lb nets and John Bradford's usual net of silvers from peg 3 held out for the silvers win, he had 17lb 8oz.

So a dire day in the scheme of things, the 3 of us on 17, 18 and 19, plus those directly opposite all struggle all day. The carp seemed full of spawn so a few warm days and a bit of sunshine may well get them spawning.

1st. 94lb 4oz. Chris Gay p16
2nd. 82lb 12oz. Lionel Legge p12
3rd. 78lb 12oz. Matt Challenger p1
4th. 68lb. Alan Healey p15

John Bradford, p3, 17lb 8oz

Next week I had 2 days at Viaduct with the MFS crew and then Sunday I am on Sedges with the PSV guys in a match against Carpenters.

Until next time, take care.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

PSV Match, Viaduct Cary. 03-05-15.

20 of fished today, so a full house, which is a good turn-out really, but Viaduct is one of the best fisheries in the country so I suppose that's to be expected.

I arrived in plenty of time and sorted my kit out, chatted to a few guys and generally do as anglers do and put the world to rights and moan!!
My whinge was that UKMail hadn't delivered my pole section, so late yesterday I put my 20 year old Maver pole in the holdall along with both top kits. With the weather due to be iffy and changeable I didn't expect to fish the pole much unless I drew 74, 80, 81, 90, or the end peg in use on the causeway bank. I did fancy pegs 80/81/85/86/90/94 to 99.
At the draw I waited until 3 tickets were left, I managed to find peg 79 in my hand. Not a great peg with 78 and Saturday's 200lb+ winning peg, 80, in. But better than a couple I could have had.
Peg 79 is the only peg in today with no feature in it, so my luck would have to be in to do better than the 9 others in my 10 peg section.
On peg 80 I had (my predicted match winner) Chris Szacaks and on 78 was regular silvers winner, Lee Waller, I reckoned on him winning that money today also.
I would have set my stall out for silvers today, but my 2 tops consisted of 16 elastic and the pole I was using wasn't really long enough at 13m. So it was carp or bust today.
Mr Lee Waller, confused by the sight of a lead rod!!

Mr Chris Szakacs in Peg 80

I set up 2 lead rods, a lighter one with a 16 hook and 0.16 hooklength and a heavier one with a 12 and 0.22 hooklength. The heavier one with a quickstop for 11mm pellets or 12mm punched meat. The lighter version for just 8mm banded pellet.
A waggler set at 3ft was made up for chucking over the lead 'area' as these fish like to come off the bottom with regular feed.
I also set up 2 pole rigs, 1 with a band for pellet at 13m and the other for meat at 6m. Neither produced anything other that a couple pricked carp, probably foul hooked.

My 'running line' area was between the taller reflections in front at 30yrds: Peg 79 on Cary
I began on the lead and had to wait an age for a fish, in fact it was nearly 2 hours before my 1st carp was netted. A 3lb fish, a baby, was plopped into the keepnet.
In this 2hrs leading up to my 1st fish Chris on peg 80 had 4 or so carp and Lee Waller had struggled too, even for his silvers.
Elsewhere it looked like the guys opposite had been getting regular action, but Matty Taynton on peg 74 was struggling along with a couple guys on the pegs in the high 80's pegs.
I persevered and after a bit of work I managed to catch a couple carp shallow on the waggler, the fish seemed to be cruising around in the flat spots on the surface. Tempting them was hard work.

So other than a couple forays on the pole lines I stuck to the lead and by the end of the match I was a fair bit behind Chris, he'd had a few on the pole to the spit and a good amount on the lead. His fish were the usual Cary stamp of fish, most of mine were smaller.....story of my week really.
I did manager 2 lumps that weighed nearly 27lb between them, both of these came to punched meat rather than pellet, but I ended up with 12 or 13 carp, my clickers showing 47lb and 24lb, plus a couple 'bonus' skimmers were landed. So perhaps 70lb would be my net.
Lee Waller had been busy catching some nice perch from under the tree to his right, he struggled in open water.
All the anglers on the causeway bank had done ok, no massive hauls that we see a lot of from Cary.
I also heard that Ron Hardiman had a few from 81 and Pete Uzzell on 86 must have 90lb+.

I packed my kit away and soon enough Steve Long had arrived with me, Matt Taynton had 20lb+, Steve Burgess had 40-something and then Lee Waller put 20lb of silvers on the board.
My 2 weighs of carp, coupled with 4lb of silvers put my total at 77lb 11oz.
Chris Szakacs looked to have sealed the win with 123lb 8oz, I had the same number of carp as him!!
Ron put 81lb-ish on the scales before they continued on around the lake.

By the time I had loaded the car I was told that Uzz on peg 86 had 99lb and Alan Healey had not as many carp as Chris but they were weighty fish and he'd got 106lb+. Will Dearlove was the 2nd best weight along that bank with ounces over 80lb.
Steve Sewell had put 17lb or so of chopped worm caught silvers and was 2nd best silvers on the day, he was on peg 103.

1st Chris Szakacs, 123lb 8oz - peg 80 (bomb/pellet and pole fished meat to the spit)
2nd Alan Healey, 106lb 1oz - peg 97 (bomb/pellet mostly)
3rd Pete Uzzell, 99lb 11oz - peg 86 (bomb/pellet)
4th Ron Hardiman, 82lb 1oz - peg 81
5th Will Dearlove, 80lb 3oz - peg 96
6th Lee Williams, 77lb 11oz - peg 79

1st Lee Waller, 20lb 1oz - peg 78 (worm over caster)
2nd Steve Sewell, 17lb 5oz - peg 103 (chopped worm)

Weigh Sheet
So it was a tricky day and it was patchy for most, a couple carp would get caught then a wait for any more indications.

Next up for me is a match at Landsend next Sunday.

Until next time, Take care.