Sunday, 15 October 2017

Viaduct Silvers League, Round 2. 15-10-17

Second round of this popular series. I arrived early enough but somehow, after a chat with John Fuidge and then Matt Williams the draw was underway. I didn't want Lodge, simples. I wouldn't mind Campbell but would like Cary....please, pretty please!!

Into the tin, halfway along the queue and I pulled out Cary, yay....peg 80....not so yay. Matt drew a nice peg in 115 on Campbell. My peg, well it was in with 74 (good peg), 77 (in-form good peg), 78 (decent), 81 (better than 80) and 85 (worth a nice weight).
Well I had a job to do. Peg 80 is a shallow peg, probably a foot or 18" shallower than 78 to my right. It isn't the best silvers peg on the lake, maybe the worst, but fish have fins and it has produced occasional decent nets of skimmers and odd perch. Steve Long told me that it was deeper in a couple areas along the spit and could produce on the waggler (as Jason King had an upper 20lb net on a recent Pawlett match there).  For company I had Jess Jordan on p78, he had Gabe on 77 to his right. Behind me, ish, was Chris Davis on 116 and Dan Squire on 118. But really it was only Jess I could speak to.

Cary Peg 80, Viaduct
I set up a waggler, but never used it, simply because I had the wind, irregularly, blowing into my peg, so feeding would not work. Plus the light conditions were poor when the ripple was on the water.
4 pole rigs made up, all on 0.10 hooklengths and 18 hooks.
2 DT Floats pencils in 0.4g, the 1st for 2+2 for 6mm meat in front, the second was for expander or dead maggots over micro at 14m, off in the 2 o'clock direction. Also for over groundbait at the same distance directly in front.
2 DT Slims in 0.3g were also assembled, one for along the spit at 14m, where it was a few inches deeper than anywhere else in the peg, the second was for down to my left on the topkit, but this went out of the window after 15 minutes once the wind picked up and filled my left edges with leaves!! Both of these lines would be loose fed with caster and dead maggot.

At the all-in a full cup of micros went in on that line, 4 balls of groundbait and dead maggots went in on the long line in front. Some meat and loose groundbait went in short.
I started on the topkit, but after 10 minutes I had no bites. Meanwhile Jess already had a decent skimmer of a few pounds in the net.
So up along the spit and toss potting casters, this gave me a couple small roach and a 3oz skimmer, but leaves were a real problem, dragging the rig out and missed bites pretty much guaranteed me some float foliage. But I stuck with it for a while and put the odd fish in the net, only small roach and odd 3oz skimmer. Nothing of quality.

An hour in and I had maybe 1lb. A look over the micros never gave me a bite, in fact it never gave me a silver fish all match, just hooking 3 carp over the spot.
Over the short groundbait line and a few roach and small skimmers were put into the keepnet, but it wasn't quick enough and I was not getting any quality 6oz+ fish.
So out long and I was getting more skimmers than roach, but they were only 3oz versions of the 2lb ones I wanted. So I upped the feed but this made little difference. I did hook a carp out on this line, I hooked 3 from this spot during the match.
Back along the spit and it was still only small roach, odd 3oz skimmer and a solitary 4oz perch.

It was soon the halfway stage and I reckoned on 4lb in the net, it wasn't going great, but Jess wasn't getting much, he had landed a decent perch and odd decent roach, but he was mostly getting plippy roach and 3oz skimmers. Oh and he too had started hooking the odd carp.
It wasn't long after this point in the match where I hooked 6 carp, all on single dead maggot, along the spit, thankfully the hook would pull out easily enough. So I pretty much decided to abandon this spot, but cupped in a pot of caster and maggot just in case I chose to try there late on in match.
The following couple hours was mostly spent swapping between the groundbait line at 14m in front and the short meat/groundbait line. I managed mostly roach and 3oz skimmers but a couple 6-8oz skimmers over the meat line helped, but I was certain to be last in section, as expected really. The light caused by the sun and ripple was not great and seeing the float was tricky most of the time, unless it went calm

Into the last hour and with perhaps 7lb in the net, the light was awful and the leaves too were both a pain in the butt up until this point, but the last hour was relatively calm and the leaves less problematic. I had a couple looks along the spit but the roach were still there, but put any more feed in and the carp returned. I wish these roach wanted to come short as I would have been happy to catch them, but they wouldn't really move closer in numbers.
About 5 seconds before the all out I hooked a nice skimmer which was netted after the whistle and was my best fish of the day at around 1.5lb-2lb. I guessed I had around 8-9lb.
I had hooked 16 carp during the day, none on meat randomly, all of them hooked on single or double dead maggots.

The scales came and went, peg 85, Joe McMahon, had 21lb I think, peg 81, venue silvers ace Stu White had 15lb (not 9lb), I managed a level 14lb which I was pleased enough with. Jess had 11lb before Gabe had 25lb and Martin Rayet on peg 74 had around 30lb. So 5 points for me and series over realistically. But I shall try and do my best in the next 4 rounds.....especially at the draw.

1. John Fuidge - 34lb 8oz - peg 96
2. Ricky Mills - 31lb 13oz - peg 97
3. Martin Rayet - 30lb 3oz - peg 74
4. Bob Gullick - 28lb 1oz - peg 100
5. Gabe Skarba - 25lb 7oz - peg 77

The full results can be found here or on Tony Rixon's blog.
There were 17 weights over 20lb today, but a lot of carp problems, especially on Campbell where some hooked over 25 during the day.

Not sure where I am next weekend, maybe viaduct, maybe todber, maybe a pleasure day with a good mate.
Otherwise it is back to Viaduct for round 3 in a fortnight.

Until then, take care,

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Viaduct Silvers League, Round 1. 01-10-17

My first attempt at this popular series at the very popular Viaduct complex, with around 50 quality anglers taking part I know it will be hard enough to come 2nd last let alone get in the top 30. So my aim is to beat one......haha

51 fish this year, spread over Campbell, Cary and Lodge lakes. With sections of 6 or 7 you need at least 3 or 4 section wins to get in the top ten I would say.
On to today, I was in the queue with fellow debutant Matt Williams chatting away and I commented I would like to be on Cary as it seems the most consistent at the moment and 10-15lb is capable from every peg I feel. I didn't want lodge I said, especially not peg 66 or 53, not the best 2 pegs at all.
So hand in tub, out comes peg 66 for me, Matt next, he pulled 53. So much for beginners luck!!

I got to my peg and the water was black with carp from 3lb up to 20lb, not just my peg but most of them, but it was worst up the end I was. Anyways I had Tom Thick across on 63 and he had Glen Calvert and Gary O'Shea to his left, but Tom was the 1st person in my 7 peg section, so really we had the rough draw. I had Dan Squire behind me and shipping back and landing net useage was a touch awkward, but we coped.
I decided against worms today after seeing all the carp, so my bait tray was casters, a few maggots and some 6mm meat along with a couple kilos of groundbait. I also had some micros with me and I was undecided on whether to use them.

P66 on Lodge Lake, Viaduct
3 rigs made, a topkit for left and right, a 0.2g DT Floats pencils. A rig, 0.3g F1/Silvers pattern for 6mm meat over groundbait at 6m in front. Lastly a 12xno11 float for 13m in front for caster/maggot over groundbait and this rig was also used off the tree to my left using maggot over micros.
All lines and laccy were 0.14>0.10 or 0.08 and middy solids in 4-6 for the edges with roach in mind and the other 2 were middy solid 5-8.

I could go into how excellent the day was for me, but it really was a hard slog for most on Lodge.
I caught the odd roach and very small skimmer on both groundbait lines, there was lots of 1/2oz roach up in the water with odd better fish but these were too small to target and the better fish swirled irregularly , but I was apprehensive on setting up a shallow rig simply die to the amount of carp in front of me.
I tried the micros line a couple of times, each time resulted in carp being hooked, so I soon knocked that on the head.
The margins never gave me a fish all day, something that I would have put down as a banker, but these days happen. So it was a matter of hoping for a decent 1lb-4lb skimmer every now and then from either of the 2 groundbait lines. This never occurred and it was mostly the odd 1-3oz roach with the very occasional 4oz skimmer.

Tom Thick opposite me was also struggling and until he managed a few decent skimmers in a 20 minute spell late on I was probably just ahead of him. The others on his bank looked like they were doing ok, but I couldn't see or hear much from my side of the lake.
I did get 3 net skimmers, maybe 8oz each in the last hour but it was not very good really and I expected me and Tom to be last 2 in our 7 peg section.

Anyways after 6hrs the all out was called and I reckoned on 4lb-ish or bits and bobs. I reckoned Tom had 9lb and the rest of that bank were into double figures to perhaps 17lb, but was hard to tell,
I packed up and waited for the scales. A quick check on a couple other guys in my section and the most anyone would admit to was 11lb, Matt Williams even packed up and didn't weigh in off 53.

Behind me on Cary, Dan and Sam Powell to his left had a great peg to peg battle and bith would hav close to 30lb each. Most people had a few bites on the lake and the weights at the end showed everyone had over 11lb, good fishing.
The scales arrived at me and Tom had weighed 9lb 2oz. My 4lb or so actually weighed 8lb 8oz so I was only a couple of my 'bumped' fish off his weight, but to be fair he bumped a couple and we both had baby roach fall off shipping back throughout the day.
I followed the scales a couple pegs and Rob Eagle had 6lb 4oz, then Nigel Easton 11lb. So I wasn't last in section, result!!

I loaded my car and had a quick update from other guys and rumour was Trig (Craig Edmunds) had won from peg 123 and Campbell with 39-something but it was close as Gary Webber (p115) also had 39lb+. Some of the guys were happy with their day and others less so, even with 17lb coming last in the 1st section on Campbell...

1. Craig Edmunds - 39lb 12oz - peg 123
2. Gary Webber - 39lb 2oz - peg 115
3. Ziggy Slowinski - 37lb 6oz - peg 126
4. Tony Rixon - 36lb 3oz - peg 94
5. Sam Powell - 35lb 8oz - peg 98
6. Chris Davis - 35lb 2oz - peg 77

In all there was 10 weights from Cary and 10 from Campbell over 20lb, good fishing. Top weight on Lodge was 17lb.

All scores and sheets can be seen on Here or probably on Mr Rixon's or Mr Nicholl's blogs at some point.
Me, well I was 4th in section, which from my draw I was pleased enough with. Maybe I could have got another point, but always 'maybe'.
Next round in a couple of weeks.

Until then, Take Care.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Catch-Up....Mid August til End of Sept

Following on from my last blog, Tony's Float match at Sedges. I have not had the time, or inclination to get back to writing a blog each week, life issues and a much needed rest from it has suited me.
But a quick round up of the last 6 weeks or more is a pointer, I hope, for me, to get back into the swing of things.

Anyways. We had a weeks family holiday down at White Acres on Bank Holiday week, I fished the 3 matches there during the week. The Monday gold match on Twin Oaks saw me pick a less-than-good peg, peg 1. I managed a few late on and just missed out on a pick-up.
The rover saw me sit on Acorn and it never really got going, I couldn't find any carp at all. I ended up 21st. But I think that only 3 or 4 half decent carp from a top 4 finish, around 15lb.
Friday's Bolingey match put me on peg 16, an ok peg, but although I had a few carp, 14 or 15 of the smallest carp the lake holds and chucked back around 60lb.

Into Sept and I fished Todber for Pawlett's Day-Out, the whole complex switched off and I drew ok in 44, no island chuck, but had a reasonably enjoyable day and 40-something pounds. Lots of bites there, nice fishing even on the less-than-good days.
The following day I guested on PSV's match at Viaduct on Campbell, I drew 132. Didn't want to fish for carp, but it is not a great silvers peg. Had 4 carp in 4 drops on 4 different rig/lines. But tried to get some decent skimmers and tench. Didn't have any tench and strung a few skimmers and roach together for 4th in the silvers. 19lb 6oz I weighed and lost a few late 'jumpers' in the last 15 minutes. Mark Radford won overall and Matt Williams won the silvers with 25lb.

A Thursday Viaduct Cost-Cutter, after a week not fishing,  saw me fish peg 99 on Cary, I went for silvers but found no quality skimmers or tench. 15lb or so of palm sized skimmers and roach was nowhere overall, but was 3rd on the lake in the silvers and missed a pick-up by 1 place.
The following day I went to Summerhayes, the wife tagged along to keep me company, but she slept...It was a silvers match, but I managed about 40 carp on the light kit. I did scrape 9lb something for again 1 out of the money (a few roach that fell off cost me).

Saturday the 23rd saw me (and Mrs) head to Todber, a slow start for carp, for most people really, saw me spend too long fishing for them throughout the day from my peg, peg 61 on Hillview. Fished for the silvers on and off, more so later on in the match. I put 16lb+ in the net and yet again 1 place off an envelope. 2nd on Hillview in the silvers. I did manage 35lb of carp as well, my 61lb was not too bad in the scheme of things.

The 24th, last Sunday, I had a Pawlett match at Viaduct. Cary and Campbell.....wanted the latter, got the former. Didn't fancy my peg, peg 85 for either a silvers or carp placing. So a day of faffing around saw me land 2 carp in the last hour, 18lb. But I put some silvers in the net on and off, between the times I tried for a carp as only 2 guys I could see were getting them. I had 23lb of roach and skimmers short and 3rd in the silvers with Cary giving the top-3 in the silvers (paid one only). Shawn Kittridge won the silvers with 31lb mostly on 6mm pellet over 4's from peg 78. The top-2 overall came from Campbell, which never gave much in the way of silvers.

So that leaves me to this point in time. After a frustrating few weeks where I haven't had my mind in the game properly, I do hope to get back into a clearer head situation and get back to my simple basics.

This Sunday sees me fishing the 1st round of Viaduct's Silvers League. I have never fished this series and it has 54 of the area's best anglers taking part and me.........My aim is to finish 54th or better!!

Until next time, take care.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Tony Rixon's Sedges Brick Lake Open, 13-8-17

A last minute decision to go fishing on Sunday as we, as a family, couldn't decide what to do, so I messaged Mr Rixon to get a spot on the match.
I enjoy Brick Lake, usually doing okay on there, not brilliant, but it is one of my favoured lakes in the region.

A natter with a few peeps, I stated I fancied 8 or 9, 12 or 13, well they are my favourite pegs on there.  Pools paid and draw commenced, John Fuidge drew 8 and I expected him to go close on the silvers pot, but it can be a good area for the carp also. Tony had peg 13 and defo expected him to go close overall. But as can be the way it goes, the corners 10, 11 and 1 would have a more than decent chance of winning.
Me I drew peg 4, it won the previous day (with 60lb) and peg 3 was 2nd and had the consistent Gary O'Shea on there. Ray Bass on peg 5.
But rarely does this lake provide the winner from the same peg 2 days in a row. I must say that I didn't fancy it, although when setting up there were fish in the area but were slowly moving up the lake with the breeze.

Peg 4 Sedges Brick Lake

I intended on basing my attack on a 2+2 line slightly to my left using groundbait and meat. Float was a DT RBS in 0.4g, awesome short meat/corn floats.
I also had a long 14, line using banded pellets shallow (DT Pellet Pinger) and on the deck (DT Tear in 0.6g), but only suffered a host of lost foul hooked fish on the deck rig, not a bite shallow.
An unused margin rig was put up. A couple specific silvers rigs, 1 for topkit, 1 for around 11m using worm over caster. I had a few roach on the topkit, not a bite on the longer line. A pellet wag and method rod were set up, remained fishless.

The match started and I lost a foul hooker on the long line but that was it, actually not a lot was happening from peg 3 up to peg 6, though Joe McMahon on 7 started well on the long pole, shallow I think. Opposite, things were just as hard as they never seemed to be getting much from peg 14 down to 19, only Matt Tomes on peg 15 catching some silvers.
Peg one and 2 had a few fish, especially peg 1 who was getting regular action up the end bank.

The day passed, for me, not just me, without too much action, just a whole bunch of lost foul hooked fish in the first 5 hours and the odd baby skimmer and roach to the meat.
Gary had a few skimmers and a handful of carp and Ray had a couple carp on paste, but was also getting foulers.
It was only the last hour when the skimmers turned up and I had 6 in 20 minutes before the carp arrived and I was getting plenty of action, mostly foul hooked but I was trying to avoid them at this point and was hoping to pull out of them should I hook them, purely as I wanted some more skimmers, but I never had any more and it was all carp in the peg I believe.

The all out sounded and I reckoned that peg 1 (Leon Hubbard), 11 (Martin Rayet) and Tony on 13 would be close to winning with the latter having a good late run on the pole and it looked close.
I packed away and went and spoke to Mr Fuidge, he had tipped back 15lb or so of silvers as his neighbour on peg 9, Jason Radford, had 20-odd pounds of silvers on small pieces of paste. I decided to weigh my silvers, which I guessed at 12-13lb. Matt Tomes had well over 20lb by all accounts from peg 15.
Anyways Leon on peg 1 had 116lb, some early and a good few late when he fed heavy, with a quieter spell in the middle. Tom Mangnall had 63-something on peg 2.  I didn't catch Gary's net, but I had 16lb something. There was quite a few dnw's and I headed home to catch the last minutes of Man Utd's 4-0 victory over West Ham.

1st - Martin Rayet from peg 11 with 135lb
2nd - Leon Hubbard, p1, 116lb
3rd - Tony Rixon, p13, 112lb
4th - Clint Wojtyla, p10, 83lb
Silvers went to Matt Tomes on peg 15 with 28lb of skimmers

I just wish the fish had turned up, well generally to be honest, only foul hooked occupying me for most of the day, but never mind, always next time out, which I don't know when or where it will be. It should have been Avalon on Sunday with Pawlett, but I haven't booked in as family plans are not set in stone.

Until then, take care and have fun.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pawlett Silvers Final, Durleigh Reservoir. 6th August 2017

The yearly match where the 16 qualifiers, those who had topped the silvers weights in each match (even by default), have their match to become the club's Silvers Champion.
As in last year's match it was held on the local reservoir, Durleigh. A cracking piece of water of 80 acres, plenty of bream and roach, silver bream, perch and rudd, oh and a decent head of carp (don't count in this match).

As usually it was a strong line up fishing, some tidy silvers anglers. Vic Bush, John Fuidge and Eric Fouracre to name but 3, but every one of us had a chance.
Recent matches on the venue had shown that in a few weeks the bream weights had fallen somewhat since Mark Bartlett did 110lb a few weeks back. They had also been a bit patchy, but the end pegs and the point were still the better spots.
The whip weights had been a bit patchy but a few upper 20lb nets had been had. The inconsistency, in my opinion, has been due to the fact that the water level has been kept high and was several feet, a few metres in distance, higher than normal levels at this time of year.

Anyways back to the day, I had the wife with me and the weather looked somewhat better than the last time she came along (Acorn Series last match). I chatted to a couple people and paid my pools.
As for the draw, I wanted, ideally to be down in the shallows, further up the ressie, as I am more a whip angler than a feeder chucker. I fancied that end to produce more whip fish and the near end more feeder fish. I drew around 5th in the queue and peg 3 stuck to my hand, not my choice but a reasonably decent peg......for someone who likes feeder fishing, ho-hum.
Actually years ago I enjoyed it, fishing up the res, on the Huntspill and some of the local club waters. I did ok, but commies came along, I drifted away from matches and my feeder fishing became, well, obsolete almost.

I got to my peg and watched the water, hoping to see plenty of small fish topping. They weren't but the odd dimple and I saw 1 or 2 pike meant there may be some whip fish about.
I mixed up my groundbait, 2kg of Fishmeal Lake and 1kg of Sweet Fishmeal F1, plus some Sensas Roach to add weight. I wetted 2pts of micros with plenty of liquid additives for the method feeder.
I had a few pints of caster, 1/2pt maggots, a tub of worms for the hook and an array of wafters/pellets/boilies for the method hookbait. I also had 3 pints of hemp.

3 feeder rods assembled, 1 with a standard open end feeder at around 40 turns, a method feeder to fish at 70 turns and an open-ender for the same distance.
2 whips made up, a 3.5m and a 4m version. The 3.5m rig was a DT Pencil, 0.2g to fish off bottom in around 4.5ft of water (the shallows would have 2.5ft), the 4m rig was a 0.4g DT Chimp style float, this would be for on the deck. Both rigs were set on 0.14 mainline and 0.10 hooklength to a size 18 in a b611 pattern (4m rig) and b911 with a band for caster (3.5m rig).

Peg 3 at Durleigh Reservoir
For company I had Mr Bush on peg 2, Steve Fouracre on peg 1, and Mike Davis, who I couldn't see further along on peg 4.
The all in was called and a couple balls of groundbait on the whip line and a dozen or so feeders of bait on both lines, groundbait on the shorter feeder line, micros on the long line.
I began on the whip and had fish right away, but only 1oz roach and rudd. After half an hour or so I switched to the feeder as the little fish on the whip were relentless.
Vic had landed a couple skimmers on the long range method line and Steve I thing had one shorter.
20 minutes of the feeder saw only a liner for me, so back on the whip, again only 1oz fish with the odd 2 or 3oz 'bonus'. You need 3-4oz+ fish to compete on the reservoir most of the time.

I kept plugging away, spending 20 mins or so on the feeder every now and then, sometimes chucking the feeders out every minute to keep the feed going in. The whip line was still mostly little fish.
I had my 1st skimmer after 2hrs, a 2lber on the method, but it was a loner. But I felt I was maybe spending too long on the feeder without response, but the guys to my right were getting a few.
My 2nd came around an hour later, another 2lb fish on the method, but I wasn't getting indications.

So at the halfway stage I had 2 skimmers on the method and perhaps 3lb on the whip, I had hooked a couple lumpy perch on the whip but the hook pulled each time, annoying and maybe costly. But that's what you risk when fishing flick-tips, but for me the flick-tip outweighs laccy if catching well with fish to 4oz.
Vic and Steve had around 10 skimmers and bream each, so maybe 20-25lb each. I couldn't see anyone else to be accurate on what was being caught, but a couple walkers said most were struggling, so I pretty much decided to stay on the whip, only stopping to put some bait out with a few feeder full and have the odd 10 minute 'look'.

The wife's view of my peg...

I altered my feeding on the whip as it seemed the more caster I fed, the smaller the fish got, so I upped the groundbait levels and fed hemp more, only feeding caster when bites slowed.
I was swapping regularly with the shallow rig and deep rig, often coinciding with pike activity, when I had a pike in the area I would drop to the deck and I began to get better fish, mostly 4oz silver bream but the odd similar sized roach and perch too. I was even getting fish really shallow at 8 inches, but found 15" more productive with hittable bites, just the fish were strangely smaller, usually the better fish come shallowest. Vic and Steve had stopped catching and could see me catching and a few comments were forth coming, but I knew I was well behind their nets. Mike Davis though was catching netters on the whip, I could see the splashes regularly under the trees. He'd been doing well all day I believe.

90 minutes left and I needed a call of nature, so I lobbed the method out and got off the box...Back on my box it wasn't long before the tip twitched, and again, so I struck and a solid thump on the end.....
A nice bream of 4-5lb was plodding in and it was around 15m out when the poxy hook pulled....bollocks. But this happens and I don't let it get to me, but I was a touch gutted. I gave the feeder another, fishless 15 minutes. So going into the last hour of the six allotted, I had probably spent 2.5hours or more on the feeder for 2 skimmers, 1 liner and 1 lost bream.
I decided to stick with the whip for the last hour, in a bid to increase the size of fish I tried mixing my groundbait into a slop to cloud the water, last chance really.
The final 60 minutes flew by, but I saw Steve land a couple lumpy bream and a couple skimmers, so maybe 10lb. Vic had a couple and added maybe 6lb or more in that spell. There seemed no routine to how they caught during the day, it was odd to see as both are capable guys, even they said they couldn't figure it properly.
I managed to get among some silver bream and would get a fish a chuck, but the average size was a little better than the previous 5hrs. The slop worked well.  The all-out was called.

A quick glance in my net and it looked like 12-13lb maybe....well I am pants at guessing my silvers nets!!

I packed up and waited for the scales, by the time they got to me we had lots of 11lb nets and Ziggy with 28lb. Mike Davis has 32lb and then I tipped my fish on to the scales and it went 24lb 7oz.....12lb my arse (or similar) was mentioned at least once....
I knew Vic and Steve had more than me, I was expecting them to put 90lb between them on the sheet, actually Vic had 30lb and Steve 42lb. So that put me 5th on the day, and a quick glance saw me have the default section win as Steve, Mike and Vic were 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. So that lost bream and 2 lumpy perch (plus the few bumped fish...which I can live with) possibly cost me 2nd as that would have been 8-9lb or so. But that's fishing.
Would I have caught 35lb on the whip if I hadn't bothered with the feeder? I really don't know, I would think so, but only if those better fish turned up earlier, but all ifs and buts..!!

We congratulated the winners and monies given out. I had a few chats with how their matches went and it was generally seen that the feeder was patchy and that the whip had lots of 1oz fish.
The 'also-rans' match held in tandem with the final saw a 30lb net of whip fish by Rob Dodd. But it was hard all through it seemed.

1st, Steve Fouracre, peg 1 - 42lb 10oz
2nd, Mike Davis, peg 4 - 32lb 8oz
3rd, Vic Bush, peg 2 - 30lb 4oz
4th, Ziggy Slowinski, peg 9 - 28lb 1oz (sect win)
5th, Lee Williams, peg 3 - 24lb 7oz (sect win)

Not too sure where I am next weekend, but I will no doubt find somewhere to go.

Until then, have fun.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pawlett Match, Landsend Fishery, Lakes 2 and 3. 23rd July 2017

Well a short blog about Sunday's match, I think. But 1st I went to Summerhayes to practice paste fishing on Saturday and had a boat-load of fish, which was a bit of fun.

Anyway to Sunday. The day started fine, arrived early enough and chattered to a few people and paid my dues.
Trolley loaded and draw underway, 4 golden pegs fell with 2 on each of the lakes. I wanted to be on the Match Lake (lake 2), but there was a few 'short walks' which took up a good few of the pegs on the lake I wanted, ho hum.

So into the bucket and peg 65 was set to be my location for the day, I hate that peg with a passion,  and really contemplated putting the kit back in the car. But I made the walk up to the peg, and the rain started....I arrived and just sat and stared at the water, there was a few fish mulling around, there always is in this peg. But the reeds on the right hand side of the peg are a nightmare. 15 minutes later and I was still sat debating if to bother, but I did bother. The rain was set in and mood wasn't bright.

Peg 65, Lake 3, Landsend......effing reeds!!
4 rigs set up, a shallow pellet rig for across to the island (and anywhere I could try and mug fish), a deep pellet rig for tight to the island, where I had 2.5ft, pretty much the same as all over the peg.
A meat rig for next to the reeds and a paste rig for down the middle.

The match began and after 30 mins I had bumped a couple fish and lost a couple foul hooked carp.
My 1st fish came after an hour, a 1lb F1, soon followed by it's twin.
The next 5 hours were less than great, I landed a small 2lb carp from against the island but every carp I hooked across would take me around the reed bed and it would be game over. I tried heavy gear, light gear, shipping back quick and even trying to play them in open water, but they were not having it and would inevitably find their reed-bed-sanctuary. Even those I hooked on the furthest part of my peg to my left away from them.

Nobody, well except Neil Venning and Eric Fouracre were catching much in the scheme of things, just odd carp really.
I was getting annoyed as hell, trashing rigs and cursing the fish, the shallow water definitely put the turbo-boost into the fish. I even managed to destroy a number 4 section, ah well....
In the end I resorted to fishing topkit to my right with no.20 laccy wrapped around my hand in the hope no elastic would come out on the strike, well there were not really any strikes just thte float was there, then the elastic was in the reeds, nothing in-between.
I ended up on 0.24>0.22>14 b911x in the hope to get some fish out, well I lost maybe 25 during the day but landed 5 or 6, plus my 2 F1s for 23lb.
Luckily my DT Floats pretty much stood up to the challenge and although I had to bin them after the match, they stood up to the abuse very well indeed with each fish getting in to the reeds.
Coupled with the all day rain we had, it wasn't an enjoyable day.

I wasn't last on the lake, there were a few dnw's and a few lower nets weighed in off Lake 3, but it was Neil (p62), Eric (p61 I think) and Jamie Cook on peg 70 that caught well enough. Lake 2, the Match Lake had apparently fished better with a few 100lb nets I believe, but cannot be sure as I had gone home by the time they had started to weigh that lake. Not sure of the results.

Not sure where I am fishing next, I have Pawlett's Silvers Winners Final on Durleigh in a couple weeks, but this weekend? No idea....

Until next time, take care.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A catch-up from my last post until last weekend.

The 25th of June saw the penultimate round of the Acorn Saturday Series, again I fancied a draw up towards the near end, that of the building work and entrance, but alas I picked peg 26. Paul Nichols won the section from this peg in the last round, but this match returned to the norm.
Pegs 28 and 31 were not in and I am convinced that this played a part in my match.
5 fish in the first 30-45 minutes had a nice beginning, there were plenty of fish in the area at the start and during this spell I could see them back off to the ample space, where they remained for the rest of the day.
Brian on peg 24 picked off a few more than me, well plenty more, especially later on in the match.
I ended up with 38lb something and 5th in section.

The following week I took a last minute decision to fish Norm Sterry's open at Landsend. I only decided to as I didn't fancy being bored at home, but despite an ok draw in peg 16 I wasn't feeling enthusiastic, I had decent company on a better peg in Ken Rayner on peg 15.

Landsend peg 16
I started off ok catching a few across early on, but the day proved frustrating for most, myself included. Ken caught naff all for around 4hrs and then he caught well late on to finish 4th I think.
I caught a couple skimmers and a couple late carp on my short meat line, but the middle 5hrs wasn't great and I think I ended up better than a few, but not as good as a few with about 40-something pounds if I remember rightly. My 6lb of silvers was just out of the silvers money.
The lack of effort in not getting the 16m section of the pole out definitely cost me some fish.
Norm won the match with around 97lb from peg 7.

On the 8th of July I had an afternoon over Apex, trying to catch some silvers, mostly skimmers and odd bream. I started ok with a couple, then it went quiet before I started to catch some quality roach shallow on pellet at 13m. The sun made seeing the float tricky so I came short and caught a good few bream to 7lb (which went off jumping like a dolphin), but good sport on 4-6 elastics. I think I ended up with perhaps 14 3lb+ bream, a comfortable 15lb+ of roach/rudd and lost a few carp. Enjoyable.

The following day I was on the Canal Lake at Sedges, 23 fishing, so it was going to be hard fishing. So it proved. I pulled peg 61, not the worst but away from where I fancied, 64 and 41-46.
I had 2 carp hooked in the first minute, mugged, one came off after a couple moments, the 2nd fell off at the net.
I ended the day with a few silvers (2lb-ish) and only 4 small carp for a total of just under 15lb, which was ok on the day with lots of DNW's and low weights.
Peg 64, Rob Dodd, won, as expected, with 58lb. He caught to the point of the island and down to the end bank. The pegs in the 40's did well, relatively speaking. Kev Crouch and Nick Selway coming 2nd and 3rd with 32lb and 25lb respectively. 6lb was top silvers net. So not brilliant, but it is a challenging water at times. Plenty of fish in the lake.

Peg 61, Sedges Canal


Now that brings me up to last weekend, 15th and 16th of July.
Saturday saw the final round of the Acorn series and I had nothing to play for overall, so it was the £80 section winning prize I had to fish for. Again I hoped for a draw at the entrance end of the lake. I went in to the bucket 2nd last, well Steve Sewell and I had the last 2 balls, the pegs left were peg 5(yes please...) and 31 (ok peg but in with the 6 bridge pegs and hasn't been great for section points).
Well I didn't get what I hoped and big Steve sat on peg 5.

I had the wife with me for company, but the weather was dire, constant heavy drizzle all day, we never bought a brolly for her (ah well....) but she had my water proofs and a little brolly. I just sat in my shorts and sandals, haha. My maggots did Houdini acts all day and my the end of the day my pellets were mush.
Still, before the match started Gabe decided he didn't want to fish his peg 26 and left, but in the process scratched his new van on some metal while reversing to let me through.

A few rigs set up, tight over pellet which would couple up as a shallow rig for down the middle, a banded pellet rig for full depth around 1m off the far bank (unused), a rig for maggot/caster at 2+2 in the 10 o'clock direction. This rig would do for corn over micros at the same distance in the 1 o'clock direction. A shallow maggot/caster rig and lastly a rig for maggots or corn down the edges both left and right.

Peg 31 Acorn Paddock
There was plenty of fish mooching around all over the lake, including between me and Ricky Mills on peg 28. But as expected it was a tricky day. I caught a couple f1's early, lost 3 foul hooked fish when fishing across, so abandoned that. Nobody, except Barry Richards on peg 24, seemed to be catching much including Nick Harvey and Glen Calvert on the bridge pegs to my left.
As the day went on I struggled a little more, caught a few small, well baby, carp and some silvers down the middle on maggot.

4pm came and I had my 1st 'proper' carp and signalled the start of a few bites, well that's what I hoped. At this point I was last in the section. There were fish in the peg, even shallow on the caster and maggot line, but I never bought enough caster to make it work properly. I managed one shallow, but didn't persevere with it as I would have ran out of bait. I then had one on the corn over the micros, but that was the only fish from there all day. So I was left with the edges, I had a topkit line each side and another line at 8m each side, luckily I managed to figure something out that avoided the foul hookers a little more and caught steadily for the last 90 minutes, but at the all out was sure I would be near last in section. My clicker said 48lb (which I thought was 35lb) plus I had maybe 5lb in my other net (silvers, baby carp and f1s) but I try to over click at Acorn due to the 70lb limit which if you go over you lose the lot, no leeway.
I guessed Barry had won as he'd caught all day, I thought Nick and Glen must have 60lb each and even Ade Crawley on peg 22 had caught some fish.

I packed up with the help of the chicken-whisperer behind me, and followed the scales.
There were some 30-50lb nets and a couple 70's and a couple 80lb nets from the straight bank before Barry put 150lb on the sheet to confirm his series win in style, 4 section wins (including 3 match wins I think) and a section 2nd, which was his dropper.
Ricky didn't weigh before I plopped 58lb on the scales, plenty more than I thought, but presumed Nick and Glen had more, but they both weighed around the 50lb mark which, if Keith Ray on peg 40 had what he said was 35lb then I would win the section. Which was confirmed a few minutes later.
So at least I picked up another £80.

So a decent 1st round, an ok second round, 3 crap rounds and draws, last round was decent. I think I ended up with 19.5 points and probably in the top half of the field.
Barry won the series, I believe Paul Nichols was 2nd in the series. But I have not seen the results in full yet. They'll appear somewhere asap.
It was a well run series, thanks to Paul and Brian.

This Sunday sees me at Landsend on lakes 2 and 3, with the Pawlett group, I think I want Lake 2 as Lake 3 fished hard in Tony Rixon's Float only match on Sunday last.
I may go somewhere Saturday, Landsend or Todber? I defo want to get down to the Dorset fishery soon. Cracking venue.

Until next time, take care and have fun.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pawlett Match, Sedges Brick & Tile, 18-06-17

The hottest day of the year (at that point) coincided with the latest match with the Pawlett posse, all 28 of us wanted was a decent day's sport and a mighty chunk of luck. Not too much to ask really?
A lot of the regular faces were fishing, from Jamie Parkhouse to John Fuidge through to the Clapps and match secretary Mark Hembery. It was also the mystery pairs, so no packing up early and heading for a cooling shower or a pint in a beer garden....

After the usual natter and general piss-taking, it was down to the draws, 4 golden pegs, 22, 27 and 33 on Tile along with peg 2 on Brick were drawn, only peg 27 was fancied to be honest. I really didn't fancy being on Tile, but should I draw on there then pegs 21, 25-27, 31 and 40 would be preferred. Pegs 7 to 10 on Brick please!! Though peg 1 did 220lb in the mid-week match.
I went into the basket halfway down, commenting to Phil Clapp I would like peg 10, never had it in a anything goes match, he didn't want it but promptly pulled it out.....oh cheers, I had the next ball....meh...peg 22!! not the best peg on the lake as it struggles to compete with 21 and those around peg 25ish on that bank.

I made my way to the peg with Steve Fouracre who was on peg 21, and the water looked full of fish near the surface, a muggers paradise, but the whole lake looked as such, but these fish know the time and we knew that come 10:30 they would be out towards the middle of gone altogether.
I had Chris Higgs to my left on peg 23.

It was baking already and most were moaning about the heat and I feared I never had enough drinks with me....ho hum. But I enjoy the sunny and warm times, we don't see much of it so a little discomfort is better than drowned kit which is an arse to dry.
An array of kit made up:
A lead rod with a long tail for slow sinking pellets, a method feeder rod, a pellet waggler.
A shallow silvers rig and full depth silvers rig with an intention of using casters, but I struggle to get the silvers on Tile and I didn't fancy it against Brick's head of skimmers. Both were a bit 'last resort' really.
A mugging/slapping rig using a DT Pellet Pinger on 0.18>0.12>18 B911 (later 0.14).
An edge rig using a DT Edger for meat over meat and caster to my right and meat over 4mm pellets on my left.
A DT RBS was set up for fishing topkit+1 with meat hookbait.
Simple on the bait front, 1.5pt of caster, some 8mm meat, some wetted micros for the method and some 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pellets. Oh and some Bait-Tech wafter pellets for a change of hookbait on the lead rods mostly.

At the all-in I went out to try and mug a fish or 2, most had already drifted away and even more looked like they had other things on their minds as they were swimming around quickly in bunches of 2 or 3.
Steve spooked one in trying to mug it right away and I followed suit by doing the fish to be seen now!! But I had been flicking 6mm's at 14m and after less than 50 pellets I had a 6ft square Jacuzzi in front of me.
30 mins in and Steve had one on the lead fishing along the end bank, then a couple more.
I began to lift and drop at 14m in amongst the bubbles and I was soon into a fish, a nice 6lb mirror was soon netted, That was things done for me for the 1st hour.

Peg 22 at Sedges on Tile Lake
The second hour was ok, Steve moved plenty ahead of me by fishing the lead (and the method later on), he was getting mostly smaller 3 to 4lb fish but regular.
A few more fish drifted in to the area and I managed to mug my 2nd fish of the day, an 8lb common I hooked at 5m in front. A 3rd soon ended up in the keepnet, but was a 3lb fish.
Chris was struggling and only had 1 carp and a couple skimmers on the feeder.
But Kev Crouch was getting a few on various running line tactics and was on around 10 after 2.5hrs.

Things slowed considerably, not that it was hectic, but things didn't look too fishy, it was a roasting day and I couldn't just gulp my drink down. I was catching the rays and my feet and knees had sort of began to burn. Holding the pole wasn't too pleasurable either, but if I kept it moving then it was fine.
The 3rd hour passed with only a few roach to show after a futile spell fishing casters shallow at 14m.
I did hook a fish mugging, but it tore off up the lake never to be stopped taking the best part of the rig in the process (the float....). It looked a good upper double. I laughed, Steve also laughed.

A quick look on the wag gave me nothing, but 3 fish on the method just off the island gave me a short-lived bit of hope, but looking around, it was only peg 31 (Mark Sweeting), Steve on 21 and Crouchy on peg 25 that were consistent in catching, but I couldn't see many others so I didn't really have a clue on how I was doing.
I changed from the long hooklength on the lead to a short one and lobbed it on the pole line, which was still getting bits of fizz. There were fish there, I would spook them lobbing the lead in, but I couldn't get a fish on the pole. It did work as 3 more fish followed in a short spell before that line died.

Into the remaining couple of hours and it began ok with another mugged fish, around 11lb so a nice addition. I was up to 50lb on the clicker, 10 carp. Steve was on around 80lb and Chris had began to hook the odd carp on pellet short and at depth.
A look on the meat line gave me a couple mad 3lbers and one foul hooker that I played for ages, a lump of a fish, but my impatience got the better of me and I snapped the hooklength pulling too hard. Schoolboy.
I had been feeding the 2 edges, my right edge gave me a skimmer, that's all, but my left side showed signs of fish with the odd tail pattern and I put a couple decent fish in the keepnet at around 8lb each from there. So at the all out my clicker showed 70lb (but I may have missed a fish I thought to myself) and that was 15 carp. 1 shallow, 4 mugged, 3 each on the lead and method, 2 on short meat and 2 from the left edge. But a couple of them were decent sized.
Steve was admitting to 105lb before his final fish. Chris had 4 or 5 I think. On the other bank I could see Mark Sweeting on peg 31 catching really well in the last hour and definitely looked good for a decent 130lb+.

I packed up my kit and loaded the car before the weigh-in. I was 2nd to weigh and after Steve's 110lb+ I managed a respectable 83lb or so. I was quite pleased with that despite my "what if's" or "if only.." thoughts. Kev Crouch had 120-something before I headed back to the car and then over to Brick Lake. It was said that Mr Clapp on Peg 10 had won that lake, that was true as he managed over 100lb ahead of Jamie Parkhouse on peg 9 who had 83lb+.
There were 2 other 100lb nets on Tile, Mark Sweeting with 140lb+ and Mark Hembery with 124lb. So I was 5th on the lake and 8th overall.
The top silvers was 40lb+ to Derek Beards on Brick, where there were generally better silvers nets.

1st, Mark Sweeting, peg 31. 143lb 5oz
2nd, Mark Hembery, peg 35. 124-10
3rd, Kev Crouch, peg 25. 117-12

Silvers went to Derek Beards, peg 4. 42lb 9oz
Sections went to Steve Fouracre (p21, 110lb 8oz) and Phil Clapp (p10, 109lb 13oz)

Brick's Weights

Tile's Weights
Once the pay-outs were done it was down to Denise to grab two balls and see what happens, with regards to the secret pairs that is. The idea is that the top 2 weights combined would be the winners,
well she must have the desired effect as the first couple of balls she grabbed were pegs 31 and 10......and therefore no other spherical objects needed touching as those weights (Mark Sweeting and Phil Clapp's) combined were unbeatable. So a sort of anti-climax really....haha.

So next weekend is the next round of the Acorn Saturday Series and as for Sunday, no plans as of yet, but the weather looks a whole lot better for catching a few and not sweating your behind off....

Until then, happy Summer Solstice and enjoy Glasto to those heading there,

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Acorn Saturday Series, 10-6-17

Not much to write home about for today's match, I had hoped for a nice draw at the near end of the lake, so anywhere from 38 around to 12 and the 3 pegs on the island. Anyways, peg 24 stuck to my mitt....not so great as it has pretty much been the worst peg in the series along with peg 28 with 9lb and 16lb the weights previously.
Had a but of banter with a few of the guys, mostly at the expense of Steve Sewell, but he's got broad shoulders and is a nice guy so no doubt like water off a duck's back so-to-speak.

It was bloomin windy, as is the norm at Acorn, it would be hard to fish the 13m across to the far bank where I figured the bulk of any fish I should catch come from. For company I had Lance Tucker on my left on peg 22 and Paul Nichols on slightly better peg 26, around from him was John Fuidge.

A few rigs, a shallow pellet rig for mid-way across and tight over. A topkit rig for maggots downwind and a topkit margin rig for my right edge as it was at this distance that it plumbed up ok. Lastly a pellet rig for just shy of empty peg 25.

On the whistle I started across, struggling against the wind. It was 15 minutes before I hooked and lost a foul hooker. Paul and Lance had a couple in this time, Paul's of a better stamp.
Then at the end of the 1st hour I had two 4lbers in two drops.......and that was it until the last hour (except a few baby carp and odd roach) when I had 2 more 4lb carp.
During the match I watched Paul catch pretty well from his margins, mostly to his left. Lance had a few smaller stamp fish and I guessed they had 65lb and 35lb respectively. John had struggled and had 5 smallish carp in the last hour slapping against the island.

At the all out I contemplated chucking my catch back as I was sure I would be last or 2nd last in section, so would be my dropper. I went and saw those in my section (19, 24, 26, 28, 36, 38 and 3), other than John and Myself the rest had over 30lb, so I walked back to my peg and chucked my catch back (maybe 15 to 17lb I suppose). John did the same.

I never got to see the results overall but I did see them on Facebook. Barry Richards won with 97lb ahead of Neil Morgan's 82lb. Paul Nichols won my section with 75lb.

The next round is in a couple weeks so a section 1st or 2nd in each of the last two rounds should remotely keep me in with a slim chance of a top 6....wait and see.!!

Not sure when I am fishing next, maybe tomorrow, but defo next Sunday, see how I feel.

Take Care.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summerhayes Open, 11-6-17. Willow and Lily Ponds.

I decided at 9am on Sunday morning to go and fish this match, the sprogs didn't want to do anything so I quickly loaded the car, chopped some meat and made sure my pellet tubs were topped up. Thankfully the rigs from Acorn the day previous would suffice.

Arrived at the fishery by 9:30 and said a few hellos to a few guys including some of the PSV chaps on Sellicks. Paid my dues and waited for the draw. I didn't want to be on Willow as although there are more silvers in there I fancied catching a few carp from Lily, I had never been on Willow before and Lily has been ok for me. But 18 or so fishing and top 4 and 2 silvers payouts, common sense told me that Willow would be a more viable option for a pick-up.

Onto the draw and the Golden Peg was drawn and was peg 5 on Lily, I managed to pick 3 from the end and had Willow peg 11, no idea what it looked like at that point. But I got to my peg and recognised it from Jamie Rich's blog. I had that man opposite me on peg 7, he offered a side bet on silvers, like a numpty who wanted to fish for carp I agreed...!!

Peg 11 Willow, Summerhayes (Jamie Rich opposite)
For bait I had a few pints of maggots, some 6mm pellets, a few 8mm pellets, 8mm meat and a couple pints of micros. I also stuck some expanders in water as I hadn't prepared any and I had yet another ringers pellet pump die on me last week..!!
Rigs were simply, 1 edge rig, a DT RBS in 0.3g on 0.18>0.14>16 B911, for 8m to my left around 1m out from the bank, I intended to fish here using banded pellets, this same rig done for the same distance off to my left a little and near a small island. The 2nd rig was a meat rig for 2+2 in front and 2+1 to my left on a point of the near bank, using the same DT RBS but with a size 14 B911.  The water levels are down and on plumbing up this meat line and the pellet line off the island I felt plenty of roots and rocks etc, this meant I couldn't fish as close as I fancied.
Lastly I set up a lighter maggot rig using a DT Pencil in 0.4g on 0.14>0.13>Guru LWG size 18, but on strongish elastic, for silvers at 8m in front and off in the 2 o'clock direction, but these spots would be fed with various amounts of micros and a few maggots. Any further in front and me and Jamie would have almost been touching pole tips.
That maggot rig also would double up as a topkit rig to feed heavy-ish with maggots, hoping for some eels as they can be of a decent size. I also hoped for maybe a tench or a few stamp roach/rudd from here.

At the all-in I fed my left edge and 2 spots with micros for silvers, I decided not to initially feed my meat lines or the island, instead I chose to begin on the short meat line just using a toss-pot.
Not much happened for 10 mins, Jamie had a couple skimmers and one or 2 carp had been caught.
So out over my silvers line in front and I kept bumping plippy roach and rudd, so a quick elastic change to a 4-6 maybe would alter this, but I didn't fancy catching 1/2oz bits all day.
Jamie soon had his 1st accidental carp, this made me come off my silvers and try near the island, again feeding via a tosspot, 1st drop I missed a bite but as I re-lowered the rig back in I was into my 1st carp, a nice 6lb fish to boot.....back out and nothing...!! That was the opening hour, 1 carp and a few small silvers.  I began to feed my topkit line heavy and irregularly with maggots.

The second hour was another quiet one, peg 9 was catching a few fish as was Nigel on peg 13.
Jamie at this point had a dozen small skimmers and a few roach. I was still unsure about which route to go down, try for the silvers or fish for the carp. Nobody was really flying along on the carpy side of things but I knew the silvers would need a proper effort to catch enough should they be feeding well for someone. But after Jamie's slowish start I wasn't too sure how much would be needed to get a quid off Mr Rich, 8lb perhaps?
Anyways I managed a few plippy silvers and 2 carp I actually attempted to catch on the meat line to my left. But as time went on I could see pegs 13, 9 and peg 1 catching a few, I couldn't see peg 3. Lily lake looked slow and not many fish had been caught and a few guys had walked the banks, Steve Jackson and Ray Wickham both packed up early, they were not to only ones on that lake to do so.

The 3rd and 4th hours were a bit better as I had been feeding my topkit line and I tried there and low and behold after a few plips I began to get a few better 3oz fish, just odd ones and they would be interrupted by carp, as were Jamie's silvers, his silvers were smaller fish not skimmers also.
My carp clicker was on 24lb at this point and I knew at least pegs 13 and 9 had double that, so really other than for resting my silver's lines, the carp fishing exploits had stopped.
I was occasionally trying the longer lines and I would only get a few more plippy fish and odd carp.
I had also upped the feed on one of my silvers lines hoping the tench and better skimmers would move in, preferably not the carp.

The 5th hour was decent enough on the silvers front,  mostly on the topkit where I was getting a fish a bung and a couple may have been 6 to 8oz, most were 2-3oz, I also had a few fall off and back into the water!! But every now and then I would be attached to a carp which would take a bit of time to land, but I never lost one, just minutes I could be fishing for silvers. I did have a nice looking 4lb ghostie.
The odd occasion I would try either of my meat lines, more hoping for a bigger fish of the non carp type, I would miss a bite or land a carp. Jamie was also getting the run around from carp on his silvers rigs. But had started to catch a little better on the silvers front and as far as I was concerned I would be giving him a shiny pound coin.

The last hour was really quiet for me on the silvers side of things, perhaps 7 or 8 small roach/rudd but I did have a couple or so carp taking my carp tally to around 30lb as my clicker said. (some carp were 1.5lb fish) and I had 8 or 9 carp come the end of the match to go with perhaps 2.5lb of silvers, maybe 50 silvers, no skimmers at all, just rudd and roach.

I packed my gear away, half of Lily already had ages ago. It didn't take long and I caught up with the weigh-in as we got to Jamie, he had 27lb of carp but 5lb 2oz of silvers, definitely more than what I had, but he said he thought I had more and it could be closer than my guesstimate. But I gave him the quid as promised.
Peg 9 put a good 50-odd pounds on the scales before they got to me. Silvers first and surprisingly 4lb 3oz of bits and bobs was my total. Ady asked did I want to weigh my carp and I insisted I may as well as I'd been there 6hrs. 33lb 11oz worth, plus my 4lb 3oz, which at that point put me 2nd but I knew Nigel on peg 13 had a good 60lb+ at least and I presumed somebody on Lily would have been better off than that.
Nigel weighed in 61lb 14oz total. Onto the few left on Lily and Glynn Wickham said he'd had a big eel and been bitten off by a couple big eels, plus he had 3 or 4 actual silvers. He totalled 3lb 9oz of silvers. So I had 2nd in silvers. Nobody had more than 25lb of carp either on Lily.

I went off and loaded my car before the results were given.

1st, Nigel Wickham, 13W, 61lb 14oz
2nd, Chris Whitham, 9W, 57-07
3rd, Lee Williams, 11W, 37-14
4th, Geoff Francis, 3W, 35-01

1st Silvers, Jamie Rich, 7W, 5-02
2nd Silvers, Lee Williams, 11W, 4-03
3rd Silvers, Glyn Wickham, 12L, 3-09

So I actually picked up 3rd overall in the monies as it was worth more than 2nd in the silvers, so Glynn got something back for his decent, near 3lb, eel.
Myself and Jamie both agreed that perhaps we could have fished for the carp and possibly threatened the top 2, as there seemed to be plenty around come the 2nd half of the match, actually every time I tried my 2 meat lines I would get indications and often a fish or 2. But none the less it was a nice day in decent weather with good company as usual.
It was a low weight (for the lake) affair in the PSV match with 70lb-ish winning by Alan Healey on peg 23 Sellicks.

Next up for me at the moment is Pawlett's next match at Sedges on Sunday, just got to decide, silvers or carp, haha. I may do the MMT at Viaduct on Sunday, just have to see how I feel.

Take Care and Have Fun,

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Pawlett All-Winners Final, Trinity Woodlands. 4-6-17

The clubs' annual All-Winners' match is usually held on Trinity's Woodland Lake with the 'others' on Ash Pool. No different this year.

Anyways a short blog as it wasn't a great day personally, but that's fishing.
Arrived early enough, but still one of the last there and I actually went to the draw 2nd in line....that was the 1st mistake. I drew peg 23, I have won off it during the winter but in the summer I feel that it is the wrong end on the wrong bank I thought. I had Derek Beards to my left and Jamie Cook to my right on peg 25, not the best peg for him but ideal for his method/lead approach as peg 19 is not used.

Plenty of wind, all different directions and strengths during the day, oh and plenty of rain....!!
A small pellet feeder was set up along with 5 pole rigs. (right edge meat, 14m pellet shallow, 14m deep pellet, 5m meat and a silvers rig for 14m off to my right).
A quick run down of the match, 1st hour gave me 2 roach and I lost 4 foul hooked carp on the long deep pellet rig. Derek had nothing.
2nd hour, I had a couple small skimmers and a 3lb tench. Derek had 1 skimmer and a roach.
3rd hour, gave up on the carp and hoped for silvers, had a couple 12oz skimmers long on single dead maggots over micros. Derek had put a lead rod out halfway through the hour as those opposite (mostly Jamie Parkhouse and Phil Clapp) had a few fish on theirs, I couldn't be arsed..... Derek had a carp right away which signalled a nice run of carp until the all out.
4th hour, landed a 7lb carp on the silvers rig, gave me a run around. A couple small silvers netted. Derek still getting odd carp and even odd one down the edge.
5th hour, another carp, only a 3lber, but I did manage a couple 12oz skimmers. It was dull.
Last hour, another carp, again on single maggot on my silvers rig, about 5 or 6lb. Another couple skimmers to 1lb. Derek was on around 8 carp now. He hadn't had anything for 2.5hrs at the start and ended with 46lb or so.

At the all out I chuck my 3 carp back, maybe 15 or 16lb they would have weighed.
I guessed at 6lb of silvers, maybe 7lb. I knew John Fuidge and Mark Leader had plenty more, at least 10lb each.
Out of the rest of the guys it would be close, a few peeps looked like having between 35 and 50lb maybe. But rumour was Paul Squire had plenty from down on peg 34, mostly on the lead.

I weighed 9lb 8oz of silvers, behind John and Mark's 13lb+ nets. I may have qualified, by double default, for the Silvers Final in 2018, but cannot be sure.
Overall it was Mr Squire that won with 95lb-ish. Then came Phil Clapp with 55lb and then Paul Lock with 51lb. They were on pegs 34, 12 and 15 respectively.

1st, Paul Squire, 95-15. p34
2nd, Phil Clapp, 55-15. p12
3rd, Paul Lock, 51-13. p15
4th, Mark Leader, 48-06. p10

1st, Mark Leader, 13-09. p10
2nd, John Fuidge, 13-06. p9
3rd, Lee Williams, 9-08. p23


So a non-productive day for me, I was actually packing up around 2pm, but the heavy rains arrived and put me off doing that.
The 'others' match was won by Dick Hurford with 43lb 8oz.

In hindsight I should have got my lead rod out, but to be fair I didn't expect to catch enough from that end or bank to compete unless they were shallow. I don't think anyone caught shallow properly, most had lead fish and a few down their edges later on.

Next up for me is the next round of the Acorn Saturday Series this Saturday, not sure on Sunday yet, may go Summerhayes, but again another not-so-calm day predicted, but warm.

Take Care,

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Acorn Saturday Series, White Acres for a few days.

An update of the last week's fishing for me.
It started last Saturday at Acorn for the 2nd round of the Saturday Series, I managed a 2nd in section in the 1st round and suffice to say will need at least a 2nd in section for each round to have a chance of an overall framing chance come the end of it.

The usual suspects were there and a full house of 21 fishing, including a couple welshies who'd be running late due to bank holiday weekend traffic.
Trolley loaded, on with the draw, Nick Harvey drew the 2 missing welsh guy's pegs, 9 for Barry Richards and 34 for Neil Morgan, good pegs.
Well I managed a bridge peg in the form of peg 33, which I thought would be okay, but fancied the pegs along the entry road, pegs 6 round to 12ish, peg 9 looked great with plenty of fish in that area.

Peg 33 Acorn
Same rigs as last time, edges, tight over and a rig for down the middle. Baits were casters, 6 and 8mm pellets and some expanders.
The match began and it was slow for myself, Neil and Paul Preston on peg 31, in fact the only person catching was Barry on peg 9.
I slowly, very slowly, picked up the odd fish from across and Neil was getting plenty of those baby carp and some silvers (goldfish included).
I lost a few throughout the day to the concrete leg on the bridge, I believe they were foul hooked fish which made me less irritated. Oh Keith Ray on peg 3 saw his peg collapse into the lake along with him and all his kit, but Mark Bartlett helped in the fact he got in the lake and rescued all his kit and pulled out the structure of the platform. Keith went on to win his section and come 2nd on the day with 90lb, so no massive harm done.

The match went by quite quickly, even quicker for Nick Harvey whom left early, come the end of the match I think I ended up with a crucian, a roach and 8 carp. Probably 30lb. I reckoned Neil had similar of those little fish, Paul struggled and so had all the peeps going anti-clockwise around the lake from me to Mark Bromsgrove on peg 21. The only bridge peg I knew had done ok was Steve Sewell on peg 6 who was admitting to 60lb.

The weigh in done and Barry on peg 9 had walked the match, mostly catching shallow, he had 155lb. Keith was 2nd with 90lb from peg 3 and Steve Sewell 3rd with 67lb.
As for my section, it was tight for the places 2nd and lower with Steve winning it. I managed 32lb on the button along with Brian Slipper on peg 40. But Mark Bromsgrove on peg 21 had an 8lb carp last knockings to knock equal 3rd in section. So 4.5 points for me on the day.

Results sheet:

The overall standings sees Keith Ray in 1st place with 14 points ahead of Brian Slipper on 11.5 points, I have 10.5 points and am in 5th, but you drop one result so the standings don't mean too much at this point.

The next round is next week on the 10th June.

So after that match it was half term and we had a Monday to Friday booked down at White Acres, so it was up and leave the house at 7am so at least I could have a day fishing.
Trelawny peg 4 was my session for the afternoon. I managed a few fish, maybe 70 or 80lb of assorted species and had a nice few hours.


Next day was spent in the morning playing football golf with the family, which was actually quite fun, so it was then lunch and a few hours fishing.
I fancied fishing Eery, but it was full so looked at Pollawyn, I found a few fish in the area down the first leg, the leg had loads of surface crap so I went on peg 2, which apparently isn't great, Nathan Watson called me a 'saddist'. But I had a great few hours with 8 or 9 lumpy carp to 15lb-ish, over 30 f1's that probably went 3lb each and maybe 25lb of skimmers/roach and a solitary barbel. Most were caught on meat at 5m with a few caught shallow at 14m.


Wednesday I fished on Eery, peg 8, and had a nice 4hrs catching a few shallow and deep on pellets, nothing big, maybe 4lb the largest, but I did catch plenty of roach down the edge on meat. These roach were 4 to 8oz each and came one a chuck, I couldn't feed them off.... I had over 80lb I would think easily.


Thursday was the Rover match, 61 fished,  and at the draw I bumped into Jim Jenner. Word was Twin Oaks had been hard for 2 weeks and it was expected to be a low-ish weight match with 80lb needed to frame (top 6 paid).
I pulled 11th pick out and after my earlier look around, Eery had a few on there pleasure fishing, one or 2 pegs on Twin Oaks were taken by pleasure guys. Pegs 28 to 31 looked nice on Pollawyn as did 20, but that had the aerator in and on and I wasn't too sure if I wanted to be there.
I looked at the map when it was my turn and saw the pegs I liked the look of had gone so plumped for peg 13 on Acorn, the lake had been patchy but can do 80lb+ if you get things right and the lumps turn up early enough,

They didn't until 5 mins before the end, when I had tails waving at me down to my left.....I managed an eel in amongst them.....but no carp!! Up until that point I had managed a few f1's and small carp on pellets at 14m, lifting and dropping mostly, none on caster or meat lines, which surprised me, oh and a few late on the pellet feeder. I had 62lb and a few ounces which put me 10th on the day. 149lb won from Twin Oaks (peg 1 with the wind pushing in and loads of space) with 94lb 2nd off there also. A couple weights from Pollawyn high bank and peg 20. But an enjoyable day with lots of bites.

Friday was home day, but I had booked in to the Bolingey match, I have only ever drawn on the back lake and with 36 or 38 fishing most pegs were in. But the left hand leg wasn't used due to spawning.
I drew 31, I was told it was reasonable but with only 4 empty pegs free it would be pressured and the fish had other things on their minds......

Well I didn't catch on corn short (no meat or gb allowed) I managed 2 late carp down my right edge and the rest of my 75lb came at 14m up and down in the water on pellets. Oh I did get 5 small grass carp and 1 carp on the lead chucked on the pole line. I also took way too long to land a 13lb common, it just wouldn't give up. My weight was 6th or 7th on the day I think.
Only 3 nets topped 100lb with 130lb winning from peg 38. But I enjoyed it.

So a nice few days away and it has defo convinced me to get onto a few more festivals on the complex, whether they will be one of the 'big 5' or one of the couple 4 day ones they have depends on holiday allowances!!

Tomorrow is Pawlett's All-Winners match over at Trinity Woodlands, a nice peg full of fish waiting to be caught would go down nice, thank-you please.

Until next time, have fun and tight lines.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Summerhayes Open, Longs, 21-05-17

I wasn't planning on going anywhere on Sunday, but the weather looked dry and I had a last minute change of heart on Saturday afternoon.

So arriving at the lakes I found there was a few of the regular faces in attendance including Gabe Skarba and Glenn Bailey. The lakes didn't look too fishy to be fair, just the odd one showing themselves and a few looked like they were trying to spawn. A natter with a couple guys and then it was the 10am draw. Gabe's better half drew the golden peg, peg 10, which Gary Coton drew, she drew Gabe peg 4. I did mention I though he'd do well from there as the margins are nice on that peg.
Me, well I drew peg 33 on the road bank, I thought it was a good silvers peg but I wasn't sure that I wanted to fish for them as the weather seemed too bright and there were signs of skimmers still splashing down my left edge.

I had Ray Wickham to my right and to my left was Craig and further round John Barker. The only others I could see were Jamie Cook and Gary Coton over on pegs 12 and 10.
5 rigs made up today, all on 0.18 to 0.14 hooklengths and size 16 hooks.
1st rig was my left edge, bit too deep really and to be fair I never fancied to, it was a DT Big D in 0.3g, feed was meat and meat for the hook......never had a bite!!
2nd rig was using the same float patter etc and I fed maggots and fished bunches of them or meat. That was used down my left edge, again it was deep and I managed to fish it by pulling up the slope a little, the top of the slope was a shallow 6 to 8 inches deep.
Third rig was a rig for maggots over maggots at 2+2 to my left and expander over micro to the right at the same distance. Float was a DT Pencil in 0.4g in around 4.5ft of water.
The last 2 rigs were for across to the far bank in 2 spots, the 1st area was slightly to the right at 14m and the 2nd spot was at the same distance to my left on the corner of the bay, I did fancy 16m into the bay but the wind was an arse and I knew I would have struggled, should have chucked a method I suppose....hindsight!!
Anyways I had a DT Pellet Pinger in 0.1g for up to 18" deep (I started on a Skittle float but it got trashed early on by a foul-hooked carp). The last rig was an RBS Open water float in 0.3g, Both of these rigs were using 6 and 8mm pellets in a band.

Peg 33, Summerhayes Longs Lake
The all-in was called at 11am and I started across after feeding both 2+2 lines, but the following 60 minutes went without much action, a couple lost foul hooked fish on the deep rig across were lost and a couple small rudd came to maggots at 2+2. Nobody seemed to catching much, Ray on 31 had a couple skimmers and some bits but that was it really, I think Craig had one or 2 carp.
The second hour was a bit better, I stayed across to the reeds, it was hard-ish work in the right to left wind, but by swapping between the deep and shallow rigs using 8mm pellets in the band.
I found that by toss potting 6mm pellets on the deep rig and using a catty for the shallow rig, it wasn't manic fishing and I was still losing the odd foul hooked fish but I put a dozen of the lake's smaller carp in the keepnet, my clicker went from zero to 17lb in that hour.

The 3rd hour came and went with my only action coming from the 2+2 lines where I lost a couple skimmers and had a couple roach to 4oz. My far line (the right side one) had fish spawning and a couple of moorhens that were not bothered my pole tip being inches from them. I did lose a couple mad foul hookers that went steaming off to my right into a clump of reeds that looked like they could be a pain as the carp could get around them. I trashed on rig and got what I thought was a rig back in tact....It wasn't in tact as that rig snapped on the next carp I hooked at around 14:30.....ooopps.
Meanwhile Ray had a couple silvers including a lumpy perch but also managed a few carp by accident. I could also see peg 19 catching a few fish, not sure what they were though.
Craig on peg 36 was starting to get the odd one from both of his margins.

Into the last 90 minutes and my clicker showed 22lb and I was on 14 carp but was doing ok comparing myself to the 6 peeps I could see from my peg. But my carp were rather small and averaging less than 2lb each, they normally run on average nearer 3lb or so.
I started to feed the micros line with meat by hand as I had a few bubbles and the maggots and expanders were not producing.
A look to my right hand edge gave me a fish of 3lb right away but it was a false dawn as I never had another bite from there.
A look on my 2+2 micros, now meat, line again gave me hope as I had a 2.5lber on my first drop, again my only bite from there.
So the last spell of the match was spent up and down across to the reeds, I managed a few more on each rig, but the spawning fish were not helping matters, neither the wind. At the all out I had 22 carp and my clicker showed 36lb, so a small average as 22 fish should be nearer 60lb or maybe 70lb. Oh well.

Gear packed away and in the car and the weigh-in was underway, I saw Gabe put 25 carp and 7lb of silvers on the scales to have a likely winning weight of 91lb and a few ounces, he caught across on maggot over micro and a few edge fish on the same late on. A few lower weights and non-weighing anglers came and went before we had a 47lb net from Glenn Bailey down on peg 15, again that looked a framing place, I certainly never had that but thought Craig may be close to it, but he insisted he had about 35lb. A few silvers nets came and went before my 22 carp and 14oz of silvers gave me a total of 37lb 12oz with only Craig to register on the sheet. He had 3 weighs....2 of which were single carp still in the keepnet, but he totted up 35lb 2oz which saw me pick up 3rd overall.

It had fished really tricky for everyone and again a poxy windy match didn't help at all, but still it was sunny and warm.

1st, Gabe Skarba, peg 4, 91-04
2nd, Glenn Bailey, peg 15, 47-02
3rd, Lee Williams, peg 33, 37-12

1st, Roy Hughes, p19, 7-15
2nd, Gabe Skarba, p4, 7-05
3rd, John Barker, p38, 4-12

Acorn for me next Saturday in the 2nd round of the Series, not sure if I am anywhere on Sunday as we may head to White Acres or elsewhere for half-term. Hopefully the carpies will have spawned and even more hopefully they are settled and munching.

Until then, have fun.