Saturday, 13 October 2018

Catch Up -- White Acres Maver Fest and Summerhaye's Winners Match

Not blogged recently for various reasons, but thought I would give a quick round up of the last few weeks.

From the 1st to the 5th of October myself and Jamie Parkhouse fished the Maver Festival down at White Acres, I was well up for this and although not expecting to do well, I hoped I could learn a few things to take into 2019 and hopefully a couple more festivals down in Cornwall. This would be only my 2nd main 5 day festival there but you never know how things can turn out.
It all started badly when I got to Exeter and remembered I had left my roller bag at home but after a bit of Facebook help and a bit of kindness from my lovely Mother-in-Law I managed to get my rollers before the festival. Thanks to my sponsor, Dean Townshend and Jonny Kirkton for their help in this.
It was also a chance to meet a few of the DT Floats lads, nice to meet you guys.

Day One, Porth. Peg 34.
P34 Porth
My favourite day of the week, I love Porth (except the walks...)
I set up a long range method rod (mistake), a short chuck feeder and a couple pole rigs where it was top 3 plus a short 4 deep from 5m out to 14.5m.
I fed a couple balls of groundbait at 6m and half a dozen at 14m at the start before beginning short where I put a couple pounds in the net in the first half hour, it then went a bit quiet before the odd spurt of fish here and there on the pole and short feeder kept me ticking over in the first 2hrs of the match.
A dead 2hrs didn't help before I finished quite well catching a few skimmers on the long line.
I gave the method 3 spells of 20mins or so during the day for nothing, which I knew would happen but Jamie called me and said to try it as he had a couple bream on his.
My 11lb 10oz was 3rd in section, 4oz behind second and Andy Power won the section with 15lb, so I would like to think that 2nd was definitely in grasp and I could have go closer to Andy.
The lake fished well with several 30lb+ nets and a few mid 20s from the far side.

Day Two, Bolingey. Peg 8.
P8 Bolingey
I don't seem to draw on the smaller lake or the right hand arm here but tend to get in the deeper area of the back lake. So I wasn't shocked to see that same area in my mitt at the draw as it hadn't been a good area (6 to 10) for a while pre-festival and the other pegs in my section seemed better. But fish have fins.
I set up a method to the island, an edge rig for both margins (no signs of fish all day...) a deep pellet and shallow pellet rig for 14m in front and lastly a meat rig for 2+2 in two spots feeding differently.
I had Adrian Clark next to me on peg 7 so a bit of decent company.
I began on the topkit hoping for a quick carp or 2, but other than a couple missed bites (roach/carassio?) nothing was forth coming. So I tried the method to the island and soon and lost my 1st fish to a snag around 6ft off the island. A couple did follow and were netted ok.
The match was hard over our side and a lot of fish seemed foul hooked and fish losses were not uncommon.
Well I managed no fish shallow, no fish on the deep pellet but a few on meat and a few on the method to give me 81lb to Adrian's 73lb. This was worth 4th section, decent enough, but not as good as those along the back bank which had been decent.

Day Three, Pollawyn. Peg 21.
P21 Pollawyn
A good peg at times (as proved on the last couple of days and in the following Preston Fest) but it struggled on the first 2 days of the Maver with 6th in section the best it did.
I tried over to the island for 1 roach and 1 small ghost f1, but ended up catching skimmers, barbel, rudd, perch, crucians and odd small f1 mostly at 11m on worm over groundbait, I probably fed too much in hindsight.
No carp hooked in the mouth down my right edge, just one lost and one lost on the silvers rig, both foul hooked.
A few roach short and a couple barbel and skimmers on meat late gave me all of 18lb for section 6th, 23lb was worth a couple or 3 more points which was within grasp should I have stuck with the skimmers etc....but 90 mins spent carp chasing was a bad choice.

Day Four, Trewaters. Peg 37.
P37 Trewaters
This peg won the lake the first couple days, but I am not in the class of Callum Dicks etc, but the Wednesday it only gave 17lb and peg 39 won and the pegs further up did better.
Anyways I began short on pellet for a 1st drop carassio. That was it for the opening hour, but a couple carp from there at the start of the 2nd hour was good in comparison to others on my lake.
It then died and during the day I picked up only 1 carp on the long pole just off the island, 1 on the meat line, nothing down my edges (again spent too long chasing fish not there towards the end), but managed to get a few on the feeder and I was winning the lake with 15 mins to go, then Jon Arthur and the guy opposite me had 4 and 5 carp respectively on their pellet feeders to push me down to 3rd. I had 36lb, Jon 39lb and the lad across 49lb, so a 3rd, not a disaster. But a few things learned for sure.

Day Five, Trelawny. Peg 8.
P8 Trelawny
I wanted to be on Twin Oaks which is in with Trelawny, although I like Trelawny I seem to struggle as F1 fishing is something I just don't do.
Anyways I had fished this peg on the Sunday after I arrived (and several times over the years in hols),
I struggled then but caught some silvers and odd F1 while Jamie did a bit better using worms as opposed to my pellet and casters attack.
I set up a feeder, nowt on this. A shallow pellet rig (DT Pinger) for 14m, a shallow caster rig (DT Skittle) for 2+2, a deck rig for worm/caster and one for pellets on the deck to fish under the relevant shallow lines. A margin rig for both sides.....again used far too much for only a couple skimmers and one lost foul hooked carp.
The first hour was slow then I had a good couple hours catching F1s on the pellet long, I couldn't get anything but odd roach short on casters. It then died a dead so I faffed around trying to winkle out a few extra fish and hope for a proper carp. It didn't happen and I ended the match catching small F1s.
My 30lb was 5lb or so short of section 4th, instead I was ounced down to 7th. Andy Power won the section and lake with 157lb I think, brilliant to watch.
Again a few mistakes made, I should have taken meat as there were some carp caught on this bait all over the lake. Also I spent too long chasing lumps down my edges instead of keeping on doing what I was doing, but I figured I needed a couple of lumps to get top 3 in section.

I finished the week in 79th, not so bad but a couple better results would have pushed me further up the charts. I hope to rectify this next time I am there.
On the plus side I beat Jamie on both weight and position, I ended up 10lb or so and 23 places better off than my caravan buddy.

Last Sunday was the Summerhayes Winners match, with some decent money to go at I was hoping for a good day.
Anyway I will cut it ultra short, I had a mare of a day, drew 34, which was not near my favoured area and with Chris Boulton on 36 where he had won the week previous it looked like a neck ache day. Indeed it was as Chris won with 120lb, there were a couple 60lb+ nets filling the last two money places. So well done Chris and the others.
My match wasn't fun, I wanted to go home after an hour. I managed to snag my top 4 in the reeds, but got it back thanks to my cupping kit and jiggery pokery.
I lost a few fish off the hook by rushing and managed to lose a whole feeder set up when reeling in, the connector had come undone!!
But I did put 30lb on the scales as I stayed to weigh in. To my right Gareth Lennox tipped back a similar amount and Jack Billet went home with over an hour left, it had fished hard probably due to the amount of rain the day before.

Next up is Summerhaye's Silvers Winners Match this Sunday, I hope that goes better but there are some tidy silvers anglers fishing it so I will have to try my

Until then, take care.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

PSV Match, Viaduct Cary 9-9-18

Before I get on to Sunday's match I will give a quick recap of the couple of matches I have fished but not blogged about since my last post.
I fished the penultimate match of the Float Only Series which was at Sedges, I drew p35. Umm so-so in a float only match. Well the match was hard all over but I started well with a handful of fish shallow on the pole, losing a couple which may have been foul hooked, but gradually the wind changed and I struggled for the remainder of the match to finish with 35lb which was last in the 5 peg section but not last on the day.
Then I fished a Thursday open at Viaduct across Campbell and Cary. I fancied fishing for silvers but drew peg 80 but I still set my stall out in the main for silvers.
I managed to land a few carp, of which one was fished for. But I had a decent 2.5 to 3hrs at the start of the match before things died for me. Thankfully I put 22lb on the scales which was top silvers weight off Cary but beaten by a couple of nets from Campbell for 3rd on the day.

Since those matches I had a lovely family holiday in Turkey, the sea was warmer than the hotel pools and the fish in the sea like to have a munch on your dry skin, scabs and any abrasions, so when I stayed sill in the water I would get nipped, they didn't hurt, more of a surprise. Myself and daughter mostly spent ages feeding the small fish bread which was cool. Also drank and ate too much but randomly had loads of early nights and plenty of sleep which is unlike me. But very nice to get away.

Right I digress, back to Sunday, I was going to go to Summerhayes as me and the missus had plans Saturday night and didn't know if I would be in decent shape to fish. But on Friday Steve Burgess asked if I wanted to guest with the PSV bunch on Cary. After a day thinking about it I agreed.
I got there in plenty of time for the 9am draw and had a chat with a few of the guys, I haven't seen a few of them for bloody ages so it was good to speak.
Into the draw and I wait for towards the end of the queue and I plucked 105, before Mr Burgess found himself on 102. Not the area I fancied as it has been patchy there and with the wind pushing up towards the top corner and pegs 88 to 90 would have been my preference. But none the less I would crack on and see what I could catch. Oh and John Bradford who only fished for silvers drew p80 and wasn't going to fish it but in the end he did.

Peg 105 Cary, Viaduct

I didn't have much in the way of bait for the silvers, only some micros and expanders plus perhaps 20 worms so I only set up one rig which remained untouched all day.
Other rigs for the day was the obligatory lead rod for 8mm pellet.
A shallow pellet rig and depth pellet rig to fish between 14 and 16m in front. I used a DT Pinger for the shallow set up and a DT RBS open in 0.4g for on the deck, hooks were B911 size 16 and 0.16 hooklength.
A rig to fish meat at 6m was put up along with a rig to fish to empty peg 106 using a DT Margin Diamond. this rig went untouched.
Baits were 6mm and 8mm pellets and 8mm meat, so nice and simple.

At the all in I fed some micros and expanders for the silvers, the only time I put bait out for them.
I fired some pellets out to about 25m for the lead and began on the short meat line hoping for an early mug fish, but other than losing 3 foul hookers (scales returned) I had 2 bites I missed that was my first 45 minutes done with. Matt Williams on p74 also lost a couple foul hooked carp early before switching to silvers bashing.
All the while I had been pinging 6mm pellets on the long pole line but oddly there had not been a sign of fish, usually there would be some fizzing and perhaps the odd swirl. But nothing.
So I chucked the lead out and gave that 10 minutes before I got bored.

Out with pellet on the deck and I missed a couple half hearted bites, maybe liners, but I thought I would try a little longer on the deck before trying shallow. I then managed two carp in as many drops on the deck and that was 18lb in the net after 90 minutes, I think only 1 carp had been had elsewhere at this point. But I began getting iffy indications again and tried the shallow rig at various depths before I caught another fish around 13lb fishing around 10 inches deep (shallow?).
Just before the 2hr mark arrived I chucked the lead out and managed one after 5 minutes to push me up to 40lb on the clicker...… and then it went dead so I wandered to see Steve on 102, he only had small silvers and Adam Caswell was just netting his 1st fish of the day in the form of a skimmer off peg 100. Steve said nobody had much.

Back to my peg and around 90 minutes passed before I landed anymore fish. I did lose one on the lead in that time but it had became entangled in another carp trailing line and inevitably my carp was lost. But 2 quick shallow fish helped me along and 3 skimmers on the meat line saw the 4th hour pass ok enough. My clicker said 55lb and I was onto my next net.
The 5th hour was ok with a couple more carp on the shallow rig, I had to feed heavy and leave a few minutes before swinging the rig in where the feed went to get any indications. The deep rig just sat still.
It looked like I was doing ok, only young Ross Sewell on peg 77 was getting the odd carp now, but I did expect the top bank to have had a few by now.

The last 60 minutes were upon us and I was starting to see a few fish up towards peg 109, out of sensible (or unreasonable?) casting range, I just hoped a few would venture up, which luckily one or two did and I mugged a couple as they swam by.
A look on the meat line gave me a couple indications but I only caught a decent set of branches which screwed all change of me catching here really.
Randomly I fired a pouch of 8mm pellets down by peg 106 and in the last 20 minutes I caught 3 fish on the lead just off the platform, the 3rd of which I netted on the whistle and went in the 3rd net.
My clickers showed 55lb, 60lb and that last one which was perhaps 7lb. Plus my 3 skimmers (3lb). I reckoned on 125lb.

I packed up most of my kit and waited for Steve Long to come and begin the weigh in.
When he arrived he said the water temps had dropped considerably in the last 5 days and the lakes had generally slowed, with just the odd 'big' weight.
Anyways my last fish was just over 8lb and my other 2 nets were actually well clicked boosting my carp catch to 125lb, coupled with my 3lb of silvers I had 128-07 in total. 12 carp and 3 skimmers.

Steve Burgess had 14lb of  'eyes' before the scales moved onwards. He said I could win with my weight as he hadn't seen anyone catch too much.
I loaded my kit in the car in 3 trips as it was a short-ish walk. Before catching up with the results, Alan Healey said Will Dearlove had done well and I believed him when he said he had 4 carp nets in. So I was likely to be second.
Actually Alan had wound me up and it turned out I had won on the day ahead of Will's 77-01 net.
John Bradford won the silvers from peg 80, the bigger skimmers/bream/tench hadn't really fed and he had 15lb 8.5oz, Steve Sewell had half an ounce less!!

1. Lee Williams (105) 128-7
2. Will Dearlove (90) 77-1
3. Ryan Radford (87) 60-5
4. Ross Sewell (77) 54-5
5. Alan Healey (98) 50-9
6. Lee Waller (81) 43-5
7. Adam Caswell (100) 35-5
1. John Bradford (80) 15-8½
2. Steve Sewell (96) 15-8
3. Matt Williams (74) 15-1
4. Steve Burgess (102) 14-0

So a pretty decent day results wise, but 12 carp and 3 skimmers landed, 3 lost foul hooked carp and 1 carp lost to a fishing trailing line, it wasn't hectic with plenty of quiet times. But happy none the less.

Next up for me is Avalon on the 23rd with Pawlett, no fishing this weekend as me and the wife are off for a '48hr Party' with a 90's theme at Pontins for a laugh.
Plus I need to get a little prep done for the Maver Festival at White Acres in 3 weeks of so...

Until then, take care and have fun.