Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Tony Rixon's Sedges Brick Lake Open, 13-8-17

A last minute decision to go fishing on Sunday as we, as a family, couldn't decide what to do, so I messaged Mr Rixon to get a spot on the match.
I enjoy Brick Lake, usually doing okay on there, not brilliant, but it is one of my favoured lakes in the region.

A natter with a few peeps, I stated I fancied 8 or 9, 12 or 13, well they are my favourite pegs on there.  Pools paid and draw commenced, John Fuidge drew 8 and I expected him to go close on the silvers pot, but it can be a good area for the carp also. Tony had peg 13 and defo expected him to go close overall. But as can be the way it goes, the corners 10, 11 and 1 would have a more than decent chance of winning.
Me I drew peg 4, it won the previous day (with 60lb) and peg 3 was 2nd and had the consistent Gary O'Shea on there. Ray Bass on peg 5.
But rarely does this lake provide the winner from the same peg 2 days in a row. I must say that I didn't fancy it, although when setting up there were fish in the area but were slowly moving up the lake with the breeze.

Peg 4 Sedges Brick Lake

I intended on basing my attack on a 2+2 line slightly to my left using groundbait and meat. Float was a DT RBS in 0.4g, awesome short meat/corn floats.
I also had a long 14, line using banded pellets shallow (DT Pellet Pinger) and on the deck (DT Tear in 0.6g), but only suffered a host of lost foul hooked fish on the deck rig, not a bite shallow.
An unused margin rig was put up. A couple specific silvers rigs, 1 for topkit, 1 for around 11m using worm over caster. I had a few roach on the topkit, not a bite on the longer line. A pellet wag and method rod were set up, remained fishless.

The match started and I lost a foul hooker on the long line but that was it, actually not a lot was happening from peg 3 up to peg 6, though Joe McMahon on 7 started well on the long pole, shallow I think. Opposite, things were just as hard as they never seemed to be getting much from peg 14 down to 19, only Matt Tomes on peg 15 catching some silvers.
Peg one and 2 had a few fish, especially peg 1 who was getting regular action up the end bank.

The day passed, for me, not just me, without too much action, just a whole bunch of lost foul hooked fish in the first 5 hours and the odd baby skimmer and roach to the meat.
Gary had a few skimmers and a handful of carp and Ray had a couple carp on paste, but was also getting foulers.
It was only the last hour when the skimmers turned up and I had 6 in 20 minutes before the carp arrived and I was getting plenty of action, mostly foul hooked but I was trying to avoid them at this point and was hoping to pull out of them should I hook them, purely as I wanted some more skimmers, but I never had any more and it was all carp in the peg I believe.

The all out sounded and I reckoned that peg 1 (Leon Hubbard), 11 (Martin Rayet) and Tony on 13 would be close to winning with the latter having a good late run on the pole and it looked close.
I packed away and went and spoke to Mr Fuidge, he had tipped back 15lb or so of silvers as his neighbour on peg 9, Jason Radford, had 20-odd pounds of silvers on small pieces of paste. I decided to weigh my silvers, which I guessed at 12-13lb. Matt Tomes had well over 20lb by all accounts from peg 15.
Anyways Leon on peg 1 had 116lb, some early and a good few late when he fed heavy, with a quieter spell in the middle. Tom Mangnall had 63-something on peg 2.  I didn't catch Gary's net, but I had 16lb something. There was quite a few dnw's and I headed home to catch the last minutes of Man Utd's 4-0 victory over West Ham.

1st - Martin Rayet from peg 11 with 135lb
2nd - Leon Hubbard, p1, 116lb
3rd - Tony Rixon, p13, 112lb
4th - Clint Wojtyla, p10, 83lb
Silvers went to Matt Tomes on peg 15 with 28lb of skimmers

I just wish the fish had turned up, well generally to be honest, only foul hooked occupying me for most of the day, but never mind, always next time out, which I don't know when or where it will be. It should have been Avalon on Sunday with Pawlett, but I haven't booked in as family plans are not set in stone.

Until then, take care and have fun.