Sunday, 10 July 2016

Saturday Combi Series, Sedges Brick Lake. 10-07-16

The 3rd round of my Saturday Combi Series, Sedges Brick Lake was the venue in question for the 18 of us who were to attempt to extract some of the jewels that lay within a.k.a. Fish.

Anyways, with the wind pushing up towards the far end, pegs 10 and 11 being favoured, but 8, 9, 12 and 13 would be very nice draws, the near end could be hit or miss. It all looked very fishy with the wind being a new southern direction. I mentioned, in jest,  I would ban Dave Chidzoy from fishing ever again should he draw peg 10......he drew peg 10 (3 matches at the venue, peg 10 twice, peg 40 once....3 wins now).

I took the monies, informed the rules and the draw was made, I was left with 2 balls in the basket, one for me, one for Gareth Lennox (stand-in for the day). they were peg 1 or my preferred peg, peg 14.....yep, as is my luck in the last month or so, peg 1 was mine for the day, a definite feast or famine peg, but there are always fish in the area, but don't always want to get a munch on in that area.
I had flat calm water, so skimmers wouldn't be a big part of any catch I should make, but I did hold a little hope for a few carp, I expected peg 10 to win comfortably but 11 should be good and 7, 8 and 9, 12 and 13 to be the best silvers pegs (and should throw up some carp).

I had Mark Bromsgrove on peg 3, but couldn't see him, Paul Nichols over on 20 was opposite.
A pellet wag, a lead, a couple of edge rigs and a silvers rig for 11m were assembled.
That was the most exciting part of my match, as for the next 6 hours I managed a measley 1lb of silvers and a couple of carp, I had a 14lber, mugged by my keepnet, that broke a partially 'ill' number 4 section, one of the carp came on the silvers rig and was foul hooked....

I wont bore you all with anything else of my match, but of the 18 of us, 14 of us were in the same had generally switched off, in fact quite a few places have done similar, probably to do with oxygen levels, post spawning and maybe the busy fishing months.

Anyways the match ended, and all that I could see, pegs 11 down to 20 had not done great, well 11 to 13 looked like they had some silvers.
And when I went for a walk at 4pn the pegs on my bank were hard going up to peg 7, then the fish were found.

The weigh in was done with the help of Paul Berry, he was greatful of a low weight day, his poor back was aching though!!
But the winner on the day was Dave 'drawbag' Chidzoy with 154lb from peg 10.
The top silvers went to Steve Nadin with 25lb from peg 9.
If you could draw a line from peg 7 across to peg 13, the weights were somewhat lower than the top end's 6 or so pegs.

Weigh Sheet (highlighted = envelope collectors)

View up the lake from peg 1....
The top 5 weights were from 12, 11, 8, 9 and 10.

Standings after 3 rounds:
Overall top 5:
Alex Nadin 6pts
Brian Slipper 7pts (25 combi)
Vic Bush 7pts (21 combi)...
Steve Nadin 8pts

Top 5 carp:
Lewis Jones 15pts (143-00)
Paul Nichols 15pts (115-00)
Nick Harvey 14pts (57-04)
Brian Slipper 12pts (95-14)
Dave Chidzoy 11pts (218-12)

Top 5 silvers:
Vic Bush 16pts (54-09)
Alex Nadin 16pts (32-04)
Mark Saunders 15pts
Mark Bromsgrove 14pts
Steve Nadin 13pts (best weight of 3 anglers)

So plenty of scope for moving up or down the standings with Avalon and Cary lakes to follow.

Next match for me was Durleigh and the Pawlett Silvers' Winners final.

Until next time, have fun.

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