Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Acorn Saturday Series, 10-6-17

Not much to write home about for today's match, I had hoped for a nice draw at the near end of the lake, so anywhere from 38 around to 12 and the 3 pegs on the island. Anyways, peg 24 stuck to my mitt....not so great as it has pretty much been the worst peg in the series along with peg 28 with 9lb and 16lb the weights previously.
Had a but of banter with a few of the guys, mostly at the expense of Steve Sewell, but he's got broad shoulders and is a nice guy so no doubt like water off a duck's back so-to-speak.

It was bloomin windy, as is the norm at Acorn, it would be hard to fish the 13m across to the far bank where I figured the bulk of any fish I should catch come from. For company I had Lance Tucker on my left on peg 22 and Paul Nichols on slightly better peg 26, around from him was John Fuidge.

A few rigs, a shallow pellet rig for mid-way across and tight over. A topkit rig for maggots downwind and a topkit margin rig for my right edge as it was at this distance that it plumbed up ok. Lastly a pellet rig for just shy of empty peg 25.

On the whistle I started across, struggling against the wind. It was 15 minutes before I hooked and lost a foul hooker. Paul and Lance had a couple in this time, Paul's of a better stamp.
Then at the end of the 1st hour I had two 4lbers in two drops.......and that was it until the last hour (except a few baby carp and odd roach) when I had 2 more 4lb carp.
During the match I watched Paul catch pretty well from his margins, mostly to his left. Lance had a few smaller stamp fish and I guessed they had 65lb and 35lb respectively. John had struggled and had 5 smallish carp in the last hour slapping against the island.

At the all out I contemplated chucking my catch back as I was sure I would be last or 2nd last in section, so would be my dropper. I went and saw those in my section (19, 24, 26, 28, 36, 38 and 3), other than John and Myself the rest had over 30lb, so I walked back to my peg and chucked my catch back (maybe 15 to 17lb I suppose). John did the same.

I never got to see the results overall but I did see them on Facebook. Barry Richards won with 97lb ahead of Neil Morgan's 82lb. Paul Nichols won my section with 75lb.

The next round is in a couple weeks so a section 1st or 2nd in each of the last two rounds should remotely keep me in with a slim chance of a top 6....wait and see.!!

Not sure when I am fishing next, maybe tomorrow, but defo next Sunday, see how I feel.

Take Care.