Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tony's Short Pole Series, Trinity Woodlands, 14-5-17

Covering for Emma Drysdale for this one, so I hoped I would get her a decent start, but you can never be sure on that venue on how it will be as a few areas tend to struggle during matches.

So on to the draw, I wanted to get on either of the end banks or somewhere along the far side, preferably 6, 7 or 13, 15 and 17, these pegs are a good starting point for a few bites.
Anyways, pools paid and into the tub and out comes 24, towards the far end of the nearest bank, not usually the most productive of areas and I was not too confident at all. Still I had a task in hand.

Peg 24 Trinity Woodlands

Arriving at my peg, I did fancy it for silvers, but as I was covering I couldn't really go down that line as if I was struggling for silvers then I would never pick up good points, but should you get 15lb or so of non-carp species and 4 carp then that could be ok, I didn't fancy risking it. If it was for me, then maybe I would have.
I had Mike West on my left and Jamie Cook (not Sedges' one) on my right, he had Rich Heatly to his right.
The wind was pushing over to pegs 15 to 17 and with Joe McMahon on 17 I fancied him to do well.
Our area had a little ripple but looked less than fishy.

A margin rig for both sides at topkit+1 (max allowed is topkit +3) for mostly meat
A meat line in front at topkit+1, feeding wet micros.
A pellet line at max distance in front, both shallow and on the deck. (6mm and 8mm plus a few expanders)
I also had some groundbait and a few maggots, mostly with the margins in mind.

At the all in I cupped a pot of 6mms long and 1/2 a cup of meat and micro on the short line.
I started shallow, then tried deep, then tried short etc.....90 minutes in and 4 of us in a row were blanking.....yet Joe was probably on 50lb including an 18lb lump, he was fishing shallow.
It was 12pm that I had my 1st carp (I did manage a roach on meat short), that was around 4lb, not the size hoped for, my 2nd followed at 12:45 and it was around 13lb. Nice, lets hope these keep coming.
Nope. Never happened.

By 2pm it was still quiet up my end of the lake, Jamie and Rich both had 1 carp each and Mr West was on a perch and a skimmer. But by 3pm he was on 4 carp, proper 8lbers and bigger, he'd had a quick flurry on his beloved paste.
Jamie and Rich were both on 2 carp when we got to 3pm. It was very slow.
A look on my meat line gave me a bite right away and after a spirited scrap an 8lber was netted, a small skimmer followed, then nothing.
Back out long, just after an awful deluge of rain I had my 4th carp, on the long, deep rig. It was 4lb or so, another next drop gave me hope and my clicker showed 33lb.....

4pm came and went, Westy had a couple more, I had him on around 40lb, he also had a few accidental skimmers and a decent perch. He lost a couple carp, as had I, foul hooked.
The far bank, well it had fished ok very early in the match but there were little flurries for people.
Mike Nicholls on 19 had been having small silvers and coupled it with 3 or 4 decent carp.
Joe on 17 possibly had 100lb, 60% came in the first 2hrs, but had a few late.
Clayton Hudson on peg 15 maybe had 60lb, but I wasn't sure as they were not in my section.

The all out was called and we were unsure of how our section was pegged. It turned out it was from 23 to 29 I think. I knew I had beat Jamie and I was sure I had pipped Paul Faires who was on the left of Mike, but I was not sure how Tony and Bela had done. Tony had 8 carp and Bela a couple less I believe.
I packed up and loaded the car, waited for the scales, had a chat with a few guys....
When the scales got to me, the section boundaries were made and I weighed in a little over 35lb as my silvers were a whole 14oz. That put me, after the weigh-in, 4th in section, not a mega disaster, but that last hour and first 90 minutes killed it for me.

Sorry to Emma for not doing better, but that's fishing, could have done with the section moving one place anti-clockwise and I would have had a 3rd. But there was a blank, a few weights under 20lb and it was tough for most on the whole.

1st, Joe McMahon, p17.  119lb.
2nd, Chris Fox, p6. 89lb 3oz.
3rd, Dave Evans, p33. 88lb 7oz.
4th, Martin Rayet, p8. 78lb 11oz.

1st, Martin McMahon, p13. 17lb
2nd, Mike Nicholls, p19. 16lb

For the weigh sheet, Tony Rixon, Mike Nicholls and Chris Fox all have a photo on their blogs.

Not too sure where, or if I am fishing this weekend. Depends on how I am feeling.
If not, then it is the 2nd round of the Acorn Series next weekend (27th) so I will report back after that if not before.

Until then, stay safe.